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An advanced assembly model in Solid Edge

Overcoming the three major complex assembly modeling challenges

How do you deliver increasingly complex product designs in less time, while also maintaining a…


Driving digital transformation in robotics engineering

Robots are without a doubt an integral part of the future of manufacturing. But robotics manufacturers face several challenges, such as increasing demand for flexible, intelligent automation, higher device complexity, and an increasing focus on performance and reliability….

Helping to develop tomorrow’s engineers

Siemens initiative #siemensmovesschools partners with ReDI Duisburg to excite young students for CAD, design, 3D printing and Solid Edge

Shaping the future During the pandemic, it became even more clear that the importance of…

Solid Edge 2022: Engineered to grow your business

Everything You Need to Know About Solid Edge 2022, Launching October 6

The official Solid Edge 2022 release date for is October 6, 2021. The new release will be announced during a live online launch event….

14-year-old Marcos Marfa uses Solid Edge to build his own robot

Computer Aided Design (CAD) software has been changing industry design over the last 30 years….

The Hidden Cost of Switching CAD Kernels - Banner

The hidden cost of swapping CAD kernels

A CAD system’s geometry kernel is the heart, brains, and engine of the application. Kernels…

Exploded view of a motor in Solid Edge with balloons

Creating high-quality product documentation with Solid Edge Technical Publications

Communicating manufacturing, installation and maintenance procedures of your designs is a critical part of product development. Explore how Solid Edge can help you overcome documentation challenges directly within your CAD models….

Solid Edge user meet participants in Microsoft Teams

Solid Edge User Meet Recap: Spring 2021

Highlights from the latest Solid Edge User Meet hosted virtually on April 30 by Excel Design Technologies and the Solid Edge team from Siemens Digital Industries Software…

Interview with Yossra Gherairi

Women in Engineering Day Spotlight: Interview with Yossra Gherairi from DigiCAD

Meet Yossra Gherairi, a sales engineer at DigiCAD and standout Olympic fencing champion. She shares with us what it’s like to be an engineer and a professional athlete, and how she balances the two….