Solid Edge User Meet India 2023.2 Recap

By Umesh Tandle
Attendees in a Microsoft Teams meeting virtually participating in the Solid Edge User Meet 2023.2

I had the privilege of attending the most recent Solid Edge User Meet 2023.2 in India (our second user meet so far this year), which took place on June 9th. This event was jointly hosted by Excel Design Technologies and Siemens. The event was held virtually and lasted about two hours. During the event, attendees enjoyed ample opportunities to exchange Solid Edge software knowledge and connect with other users across industries and geographies.

Field notes and highlights from the meeting

  • Engaging discussions on Solid Edge Drafting and Model Based Design (MBD)
  • Active participation from all users
  • Proactive support from Siemens Solution Partner, Excel Design Technologies
  • A valuable platform for interaction among Solid Edge users
  • Resolutions to queries by both fellow users and Siemens team members

During the user meet, the focus was on two main topics: Model Based Definition (MBD) and 2D Drafting in Solid Edge. The event kicked off with an introduction from the Siemens and Excel Design Technologies team. To add some excitement, an interactive quiz was conducted by Neha Gaikwad. The quiz included a variety of entertaining and challenging questions, encouraging active participation from the attendees.

Following the quiz, the discussion shifted to the topics focused on drafting and the role of Excel Design Technologies and Siemens. Our Siemens team urged all participants to freely express their questions, suggestions, criticisms, praises, and observations. This inclusive environment facilitated a productive and open dialogue, enabling everyone to share their thoughts without hesitation. Throughout the session, several thought-provoking questions were raised by attendees, including myself. The questions were promptly addressed, showcasing the immediate value of these events. Instead of waiting for support requests to be answered, for example, attendees received immediate and clear feedback.

Additionally, the Siemens team took note of suggestions from users regarding new features and enhancements to consider for future releases. The Siemens product development team took additional time to provide further insights and guidance on drawing and drafting capabilities in Solid Edge, addressing more participant questions. Subsequently, Mr. Nirav Shukla delivered a presentation highlighting key points related to Model-Based Definition (MBD) in Solid Edge 2023.

Overall, the meetup was a fantastic experience, connecting Solid Edge users from across India. I’m looking forward to the next user meet and the opportunity to engage with the team once again.

About Solid Edge User Meets

Siemens and Excel Design Technologies organize user meets periodically in India, providing a platform for Solid Edge users to exchange knowledge with others from various industries and regions. These events enable users to learn from each other and discover new ways to maximize their usage of Solid Edge.

About Excel Design Technologies

Excel Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Siemens solution partner, is a reseller of Siemens Digital Industries Software products in India. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has been focused on providing solutions related to Solid Edge, Simcenter Femap, and Solid Edge CAM Pro software from Siemens.

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