Solid Edge User Meet 2023.4: Sheet Metal

By M. Thuyavan

Seamless engagement and collaborative experience

The Solid Edge User Meet 2023-4: Sheet Metal, held on November 7th, 2023, was a remarkable blend of virtual and in-person engagement, setting a new standard for user meet enablement. Hosted jointly by Excel Design Technologies and Siemens, the event took place both virtually through Teams and physically at the Siemens Office in Pune. The thoughtful dual format allowed for a diverse audience, bringing together around 30 customers and the software developer team from Siemens. It was an exemplary demonstration of modern technology fostering seamless collaboration and engagement. Despite the remote setting, the event orchestrated an immersive experience that transcended physical barriers.

The title, “Solid Edge User Meet 2023-4: Sheet Metal,” aptly captured the focus of the event, which centered on unveiling the latest enhancements in Solid Edge software related to Sheet Metal. The session was not just a showcase; it was an immersive learning experience. Attendees, whether joining virtually or in person, were provided with valuable insights into the new features and capabilities of the software, elevating their proficiency in Solid Edge.

One of the standout features of this user meeting was the active participation and engagement of the users. The collaborative environment fostered by Excel Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Siemens encouraged approximately 35 customers to share their queries, which were addressed promptly by the Siemens software developer team. This real-time problem-solving approach not only enhanced the learning experience but also underscored the user-centric nature of the event.

A particularly commendable aspect of the user meeting was the inclusion of a quiz focused on Solid Edge Sheet Metal. The quiz not only added an element of fun and competition but also served as an effective tool for reinforcing the key learnings from the session. Multiple questions challenged participants’ understanding of the software, creating an engaging and interactive atmosphere.

The user meeting was not merely a one-way communication channel; it was a platform for dialogue. Attendees had the opportunity to contribute their suggestions, and the organizers, exemplifying their commitment to continuous improvement, accepted and considered these suggestions for future enhancements. This two-way interaction between users and developers highlighted the collaborative spirit that drove the event.

Some highlights from our experience:

  • Engaging and Enlightening Discussions
  • Active Engagement from All Participants
  • Outstanding Support from Siemens Solution Partner, Excel Design Technologies
  • Resolution of Queries and Immediate Support
  • A Valuable Platform for Knowledge Exchange
  • Input for Future Enhancements
  • Comprehensive Insights

In conclusion, the Solid Edge User Meet 2023-4: Sheet Metal was a resounding success, offering a holistic learning experience to a diverse audience. The event’s key points included a comprehensive unveiling of Solid Edge Sheet Metal enhancements, active user participation, real-time query resolution, consideration of user suggestions, and an engaging quiz. Heartfelt thanks are due to Excel Design Technologies and Siemens for orchestrating such a well-organized and enriching event that seamlessly catered to both virtual and in-person participants, setting a benchmark for user meets in the industry.

About Solid Edge User Meets

Siemens and Excel Design Technologies organize user meets periodically in India, providing a platform for Solid Edge users to exchange knowledge with others from various industries and regions. These events enable users to learn from each other and discover new ways to maximize their usage of Solid Edge.

About Excel Design Technologies

Excel Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Siemens solution partner, is a reseller of Siemens Digital Industries Software products in India. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has been focused on providing solutions related to Solid Edge, Simcenter Femap, and Solid Edge CAM Pro software from Siemens.


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