Aircraft cabin comfort is important – and we know it!

 Cabin Comfort Engineering – On-Demand Webinar
Imagine you just finished a week of hard work on a travel to Istanbul and you are finally heading back home. You enter…

Spacecraft testing: safe and sound into space

Simcenter Environmental Testing Satellite Launch
A blog post on acoustic testing of satellites might be more interesting if I give you some background first. If you are thinking to build…

Wind tunnel testing and new aircraft configurations

Learn about aircraft aeroacoustics and efficient wind tunnel testing for new aircraft configurations and join the on-demand webinar.

Simcenter Testlab 18: Sound and Satellites?

Read all about Simcenter Testlab Closed-loop Acoustic Control in Simcenter Testlab 2018 and visit the Dynamic Environmental Testing website.

Innovative automatic transmissions by PUNCH Powerglide

How can an automatic transmission manufacturer tackle the challenges of keeping pace with rapid product innovation while expanding its footprint on the global market?
For PUNCH Powerglide,…

Localize noise issues: the magic of acoustic cameras

Can you localize sound sources with your bare ears? Try it and you might find the exercise trickier than you thought. You’ll probably be able to say whether the sound comes from the left or righ…