Siemens is on the pulse of groundbreaking innovations. In step with that objective, the Thought Leadership Team at Siemens Digital Industry Software provides podcasts, blogs, articles and white papers based on the knowledge of engineers and experts in their field. We discuss what Siemens is doing in many industries while forecasting the landscape of innovative technologies.

Our team focuses on emerging technologies in the next two to five years that Siemens is investing in and for which we are developing solutions.

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Increasing innovation in engineering education

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When you think of academics, it should not be limited to the classroom.

The idea of self-teaching via online learning, mentoring or even mass customizat…

How is thermal simulation software keeping products and people cool?

In our previous blog, Thermal simulation helps Maya HTT keep things cool, we discussed how Maya HTT demonstrated the accuracy and efficiency of their thermal simulation software by creating an intrig…

industrial-scale additive manufacturing

Industrializing additive manufacturing

What is additive manufacturing? It’s more than rapid prototyping.

Thermal simulation helps Maya HTT keep things cool

Maya HTT created a unique contest involving thermal simulation at their exhibition booth recently at Realize LIVE 2019. With the goal of demonstrating the accuracy and efficiency of their thermal sim…

The digital enterprise: go from digital thread to the shop floor

Stop making software. Start building planes.

The value of leveraging a digital enterprise, a company that has fully implemented digital tools and technology, is more prominent than ever. F…

The additive manufacturing workshop for automotive

A common misconception in the automotive industry is that additive manufacturing (AM) is only for prototyping of small volume production in motorsports.  While this is a piece of what additive c…

The Paris Air Show – aerospace innovations and first impressions

The Aerospace and Defense Industry is catapulting into unchartered and innovative spheres.

With the surge of aerospace companies participating in modern advancements like electric aircraft…

HLS verifies artificial intelligence for ADAS in autonomous cars

Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves the use of neural networks and you might have heard of terms like CNNs, DCNs, GANs, SNNs and wonder what they mean. Fundamentally, they are nothing but a set of …

Everything as a service: a closer look at the business model of the future

Everything as a service is increasingly becoming the preferred business model. Thanks to major platforms like Uber for ridesharing, Netflix for streaming video and Google for cloud services, business…