Siemens is on the pulse of groundbreaking innovations. In step with that objective, the Thought Leadership Team at Siemens Digital Industry Software provides podcasts, blogs, articles and white papers based on the knowledge of engineers and experts in their field. We discuss what Siemens is doing in many industries while forecasting the landscape of innovative technologies.

Our team focuses on emerging technologies in the next two to five years that Siemens is investing in and for which we are developing solutions.

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Address obsolete parts production with the digital twin

There’s more to a manufactured part than what’s visible. Every component contains a wealth of historical information about its design and the manufacturing processes that went into creating the part….

Digitalize PCB electronic systems for safer autonomous vehicles – part 1 of 8

PCB electronic systems, such as electronic circuits and printed circuit boards, must achieve higher levels of fidelity, quality and robustness to address the looming technology concerns.
With the…

New technology in the maritime industry is spurring seachange

For centuries, the maritime business has run on a simple and decidedly low-tech principle: Load goods onto a ship and move them from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

Yet the ship…

Getting an early start on a STEM career

By: Del Costy, senior vice president and managing director, Americas

Household chores helped me realize I should be an engineer. Yes, really. I took a school survey, and my results indicat…

The risks and advantages of artificial intelligence

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence and machine learning are difficult to understand: it’s a complicated field. As computing power continues to accelerate, which is driving the ability to p…

No driver, no regulation….No WAY!

The autonomous vehicle industry is continuously evolving, and rapid advancements and new startups are changing our perception of what transportation will become.
But can government regulation kee…

How is collaborative manufacturing transforming agriculture?

Efficient farming is a global necessity. Billions of people around the world already depend on fresh produce—and the numbers keep growing.

The world’s population will swell to 9.1 billion …

What’s driving the shipping industry’s massive transformation?

Digitalization is the key to the future of the shipping industry. In a world where 9 out of 10 products are transported via merchant shipping, these companies are being forced to rethink how they vie…

Future success means knowing how to implement AI

Companies must know how to implement AI to remain competitive as manufacturers continue into the next industrial revolution.
At its core, artificial intelligence is just a tool to do the things t…