Digital transformation can help accelerate product development for next generation automotive products.

Accelerate your Product Development through Digital Transformation

The automotive landscape has undergone a revolution in technology demands in the last two decades….

New Teach Out course discusses the future of autonomous vehicles, presented by Siemens Digital Industries Software and University of Michigan, and Mcity.

Future of autonomous vehicles explored in new University of Michigan course

The drive toward self-driving cars continues to accelerate at an unprecedented pace and the promise…

Develop the autonomous technology of the future

Disruptive innovations in the automotive industry continue to increase. The focus is now on overcoming…

Vehicle electrification is driving new requirements in the automotive industry. Digitalization and digital transformation help electric vehicle engineering.

Future Car podcast – An introduction to the transportation revolution with Nand Kochhar

The automotive and transportation industry is in the middle of its largest transformation in decades….

Digitalization helps companies adapt to COVID-19 restrictions, such as with AR and VR for vehicle design.

Future Car podcast – An update on electrification with Nand Kochhar

It is clear that, despite the numerous challenges facing automotive OEMs today, the goals of…

Achieving ethical AI for industrial applications

Embedding ethics into artificial intelligence (AI) models is a difficult task requiring teamwork and thought….

Dawn of the automobility age: moving from driving to riding

IESF Auto 2020 featured presentations from industry experts covering everything from innovations in electrical and electronic (E/E) systems development, to cybersecurity and the future of autonomous and electric vehicles….

Digitalization helps companies adapt to COVID-19 restrictions, such as with AR and VR for vehicle design.

The effects of COVID-19 on the automotive industry: The Future Car bonus episode with Nand Kochhar

The entire automotive value chain has experienced immense pressure during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Automotive manufacturers have had to rethink how they design, verify and manufacture new vehicles. In particular, they have had to develop new ways of working while protecting the safety of their employees, families and communities….

Trust, the basis of everything in AI

To follow-up on my recent podcast interview on AI ethics with Ron Bodkin, I wanted…