Siemens is on the pulse of groundbreaking innovations. In step with that objective, the Thought Leadership Team at Siemens Digital Industry Software provides podcasts, blogs, articles and white papers based on the knowledge of engineers and experts in their field. We discuss what Siemens is doing in many industries while forecasting the landscape of innovative technologies.

Our team focuses on emerging technologies in the next two to five years that Siemens is investing in and for which we are developing solutions.

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Implementing smart manufacturing – a competitive advantage

Machinery manufacturers are gaining a competitive advantage by implementing smart manufacturing.

Another day… Another disruption… What’s an Aerospace OEM to do?

Disruptive forces are part of our lives – most of us have lived through a few and managed to be…

Automotive IC Design – Where Today Meets Tomorrow

Complexity: probably the word most associated with new mobility in recent discourse. Complexity is also your friend. I’ll explain why…

Visualize the Digital Twin with virtual reality and other reality technologies

Virtual reality (VR) is technologically ready. However, even though there’s a growing interest to use it to increase developmental capabilities,…

Aircraft Certification: analysis from the conceptual design

Learn how simulation and analysis tools can make the aircraft certification and aircraft analysis smoother.

Manufacturing for additive and subtractive processes

Modern manufacturing is seeing tremendous gains in technological innovation, combining the old and the new, allowing manufacturers to benefit from…

How will aerospace technology spur innovation and foster talent?

Aerospace companies are tasked with designing and creating products for conditions that may not exist inside a lab or even…

3D medical implants

Additive manufacturing and 3D implants

Additive manufacturing, or 3D technology, provides medical devices with organic shapes and methods for personalization.

Podcast series: Smart manufacturing (Part 4) – creating a smart factory

Innovative manufacturing techniques for smart factory operations.