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advanced machine engineering virtual commissioning simulation

Podcast series: Advanced machine engineering (Part 3) – virtual machine simulation and commissioning

Virtual machine simulation and commissioning for advanced machine engineering….

traffic flow

Podcast: The Future of Traffic Flow with Eric Gannaway from Siemens ITS

There’s nothing more annoying than inching along the road in a city with heavy traffic….

How automakers can keep autonomous vehicles safe in bad weather

Today meets tomorrow – simulating the impact of harsh conditions on ADAS sensors…

Accelerating Innovation in Machine Design and Manufacturing

Embedded multi-discipline simulation, the IIoT and more; this is where machine design and manufacturing meets tomorrow….


3D printing is turning green with positive environmental impacts

Additive manufacturing providing faster, cost-effective solutions (video)….

Transitioning aircraft propulsion from carbon to electrons

Where today meets tomorrow: how the electric propulsion system may fundamentally change aircraft design “Every…

multi-disciplinary design

Podcast series: Advanced machine engineering (Part 2) – leveraging multi-disciplinary design

Collaboration for machine builders, examining the machine design process (podcast)…

picture of self-driving Navya shuttle

Podcast: NAVYA’s Henri Coron on lessons learned from a half-decade of AV deployments

Although autonomous vehicles are very publicly working through the boom-bust hype cycle, by now a…

Viewing the invisible: simulating electromagnetic performance

Today meets tomorrow: how electromagnetic simulation is helping developers with antenna technology and placement. Autonomous…