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The application of Model-Based Systems Engineering – SysML provides an MBSE component for verification and mass adoption – Transcript ep. 11

In this eleventh episode of the Model-Based Matters podcast series our experts continue their discussion of all things Model-Based Systems…

Future vehicles are increasingly complex due to software and electronics. MBSE will help in their development.

Automotive Design Challenges and the power of MBSE

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) has become a hot topic in the automotive world, especially as the complexity and sophistication of…

How AI-generated 3D models will help train the next generation of AI

Visual data, be it 2D pictures or full 3D models, are unquestionably one of the cornerstones of artificial intelligence today…

AN airplane taking off under an orange sky.

MBSE allows the A&D industry to soar

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) has enormous potential to help companies across different industries adapt their development processes for the shorter…

model based systems engineering

Model-Based Systems Engineering – the modern solution for industrial complexity and sustainability – Summary ep. 10

In our latest episode of the Model-Based Matters series, our experts discuss the modern solution for industrial complexity and sustainability….

The Complexities of Modern Automotive Software – The Future Car Podcast

Software is now a critical component of nearly every modern vehicle. Consumers demand more high-tech features to be incorporated into their cars; therefore, software content has grown. This transition towards a software-defined vehicle is also causing rapid growth in vehicle complexity.

How AI will help usher in the age of general-purpose robotics

Automation is, without a doubt, the wave of the future as more and more industries look for ways to perform…

Two software developers looking at a computer.

AI Spectrum – Examining the Benefits of AI Powered Generative Design – Summary

The capabilities of AI are growing every day, and with that growth comes new opportunities for applying it. One opportunity…

The complexities of automotive development don’t have to slow you down

Among the turmoil and disruption of the last few years, automotive companies have nonetheless continued to pursue the development of…