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Advanced machine engineering – industrial machinery (podcast transcript – part 1)

The scenery of industrial machinery in manufacturing is seeing a pioneering renovation of technological progressions….

Building the future of Aerospace Part I

Yesterday’s tools and approaches cannot be used to build tomorrow’s products….

additive manufacturing first-time-right printing

Additive manufacturing failures (Part 2) – challenges to first-time-right printing

Solutions for achieving additive manufacturing first-time-right printing….

Are your competitors out-innovating you?

Winning at innovation requires process Product innovation requires inspiration and a conducive culture to flourish….

What will it take to build the heavy equipment machines of the future?

Using today’s software to create tomorrow’s heavy equipment…


Podcast series: Industrial-scale additive manufacturing (Part 2) – radical change, risks and rewards

Industrial-scale additive manufacturing is changing the way companies design products, as well as the materials to make them….

Engineer analyzing test data

Perfecting the driving experience

Transportation is a part of daily life for most, but its definition is beginning to…

CFD simulation of vehicle cooling

More efficient vehicle energy management

Upfront vehicle simulation is where today meets tomorrow…

advanced machine engineering bill of materials

Podcast series: Advanced machine engineering (Part 4) – managing the bill-of-materials

Industrial machinery in manufacturing is continuing to witness unparalleled developments in state-of-the-art technologies. It is…