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Accelerate innovation with next generation design to keep the showroom fresh

By Paul van Straten
Accelerate innovation to unleash the next generation of vehicles
Accelerate innovation to unleash the next generation of vehicles

A new era of transportation is here. Technologies such as advanced driver-assistance systems, autonomation, and electrification are taking the industry by storm. With software estimated to make up 30% of vehicle content within the next ten years, balancing mechanical, electrical and software components continues to increase product complexity exponentially.

Carmakers must now push the boundaries to accelerate innovation and improve performance if they want to stay ahead.

But staying ahead of the game is harder than ever, as new technology driven companies enter the playing field, leveraging new practices and their technological expertise to develop innovative designs and get them into the showroom fast.

Furthermore, with concern about climate change growing consumers are demanding more sustainable vehicles while governments are changing legislation. New generations of vehicles must meet the strictest regulatory and homologation requirements or companies risk facing fines and even recalls.

Until now, many OEMs have found themselves trapped in a cycle of designing, building prototypes that may fail and then redesigning. Siloed teams and task specific, disconnected tools exacerbate the issue giving rise to delays and overspending. Under these circumstances it is almost impossible to keep pace with evolving customer needs and industry standards.

At Siemens we want you at the forefront of the industry. To lead you need to take informed decisions. For that reason, we have produced a new eBook which takes you through the trends affecting the industry and how Siemens digital solutions can help you embrace complexity in today’s market.

Our digital solutions can help you expertly build today’s highly-complex, green vehicles and do it fast. You can match rising complexity, fierce competition, changing customer needs and dynamic regulations without sending costs through the roof.

Siemens Accelerated Product Development (APD) enables you to achieve more with less. It connects teams via a single source of truth, providing access to up-to-date information throughout the product ecosystem so you can improve collaboration and traceability and reduce quality issues. Virtually validate in the digital twin to ensure you get designs right first time, reducing failure, development time and costs.

With costs under control, you can invest more in R&D, to accelerate innovation with next generation design, while maintaining profit margins.

With APD you are better able to profitably deliver the next generation of vehicles and stay ahead of the competition.

To learn more, download the eBook.

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