smart manufacturing digital twin

Implementing smart manufacturing – leveraging the digital twin

Implementing the digital twin in smart manufacturing integrates multi-disciplines in managing simulation to solve many issues….

Podcast series: Smart manufacturing (Part 4) – creating a smart factory

Innovative manufacturing techniques for smart factory operations….

Podcast series: Smart manufacturing (Part 2) – leveraging the digital twin

Machine manufacturers are leveraging the digital twin to make their manufacturing smarter….

Podcast series: Smart manufacturing (Part 1) – industrial-machinery

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Getting an early start on a STEM career

By: Del Costy, senior vice president and managing director, Americas

Household chores helped me realize I should be an engineer. Yes, really. I took a school survey, and my results indicat……

Smart engineering’s competitive advantages

In today’s highly lean environment, where there is little room for optimization in production lines, smart engineering provides a critical opportunity for OEMs. By adopting this differentiator, OEMs ……

Smart engineering’s impact on heavy equipment design

Today’s heavy equipment machinery—equipped with increasingly intelligent embedded systems run by engineering control units, sensors and actuators—is smarter than ever before. These smart machines inc……

How smart engineering can solve heavy equipment challenges

Smart engineering is data-driven engineering that optimizes historic and real-time data in all stages of a product’s life. It can be applied throughout the spectrum of heavy equipment markets and is ……