smart manufacturing

Learn how smart manufacturing is taking manufacturing to the next level

In an IMD article, Rahul Garg, VP for Industrial Machinery & SMB Programs at Siemens Digital Industries Software, discusses how manufacturers are looking…

IT/OT Convergence

Smart Manufacturing and OT/IT convergence drive optimum utilization

In a Machine Design article by Rahul Garg, VP for Industrial Machinery & SMB Programs at Siemens Digital Industries Software, he addresses how smart…

smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturing and sustainability’s impact on factories and machines

As we embark on a new sustainability podcast series, we are revisiting a recent podcast focusing on sustainability and industrial…

smart manufacturing closed-loop quality

Closed-loop quality integrates quality and manufacturing to meet expectations

One of the most critical aspects of utilizing smart manufacturing is ensuring products and parts are delivered correctly the first…

smart manufacturing sustainability

Sustainability in smart manufacturing is making a major impact

Sustainability is a buzzword in almost every industry, becoming an important global topic. We have spoken with experts in their…

smart manufacturing sustainability

Smart manufacturing with sustainability improves all areas of machine design and manufacturing

Sustainability is a crucial global topic in multiple industries. So let’s begin by asking how it relates to industries globally….

smart manufacturing

Smart manufacturing addresses product complexity and sustainability

In a recent Industrial Machinery article, Rahul Garg discusses how manufacturers are looking for new ways to address many challenges,…

Smart manufacturing key to tomorrow’s advanced vehicles

Automakers are under more pressure than ever as the automotive and transportation industries continue to transform at a rapid pace….

smart factory digital computing

Building a modern smart factory – digital solutions and cloud computing

There are surging customer demands to reduce downtime and increase throughput in the manufacturing industry. Companies need assistance to deliver…