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Industrial Machinery – a writer’s year in review for 2023 – pt. 2.

By Blake Snodgrass

In continuing my reflection of the more notable industrial machinery blogs, articles, and podcasts of 2023, I begin by spotlighting the smart machines/smart industries podcast series. In the first episode, The Future of Smart Machines and Smart Industries, our industry experts discuss the emerging technologies for new markets in sustainability. They focus on how manufacturing is changing to address the ongoing trends and challenges for factories and machine builders to shift the future approach for manufacturers.

In the second episode, Moving from Automation to Adaptive Manufacturing, they explain the essential pillars of providing more flexibility and intelligence to machine builders through electrification, automation, and digitalization. Then, the final episode discusses the focus on partnering with automation and software companies to integrate this automation to shorten time-to-value and provide cloud-based offerings that assist manufacturers in remaining flexible to future disruptions and demands.

Another informative series we produced that deviated away from industrial machinery into deeper waters was the Marine STS industry podcast series. Our first episode, New IMO standards, is driving design change in the marine industry, touched on ship design, which has remained somewhat unchanged for several decades but is now shifting to meet new regulation standards for sustainability via simulation technologies for full integration and automation. The second episode, Integrating Simulation into Sustainable Ship Design, looks at alternative power sources to move away from the emission-heavy fossil fuel ships in use today, discussing other options, including liquid natural gas, hydrogen, and more. The third episode addresses sustainability, allowing engineers to run their designs through multiple loops of virtual tests to find the most optimal configurations that align with sustainability goals much faster than traditional physical testing. 

Lastly, back to our industrial machinery venue, we discuss how manufacturers are pressured by tighter delivery timelines and supply chain challenges to enhance the flexibility of their processes and meet customer demand for individualized products in a recent blog, Closed-loop manufacturing optimizes production for product design, planning, and manufacturing, that highlights an SME article by Rahul Garg, VP Industrial Machinery and SMB Business Program at Siemens Digital Industries Software.

These are but a sampling of the topics we covered in 2023. For more resources, check out our Thought Leadership Community blogs focusing on both industrial machinery and other pertinent industries. Also, listen to the industrial machinery Digital Transformation podcasts or the Siemens Software Podcast Network for a high-level view of other industry podcasts.

We look forward to exploring some pertinent industrial machinery issues in 2024, including Generative AI, digital transformation, machine learning, and generative design. Also, we plan to address the smart manufacturing digital thread and simulation for industrial systems, to name a few. So, we look forward to focusing on these new, challenging, and intriguing topics that will positively impact the success of the industrial machinery industry in the future.

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