Interview with Yossra Gherairi

Women in Engineering Day Spotlight: Interview with Yossra Gherairi from DigiCAD

Meet Yossra Gherairi, a sales engineer at DigiCAD and standout Olympic fencing champion. She shares with us what it’s like to be an engineer and a professional athlete, and how she balances the two.

Young engineer in Zimbabwe exploring generative design

Wisdom James Murombo has a passion for engineering and has been exploring the use of new techniques to optimize his designs for strength and weight.

Siemens Solid Edge Challenge 2021

Introducing the Siemens Solid Edge Challenge 2021 for Latin America! Every day, the market demands more innovative, low-cost solutions with…

Solid Edge Support for Educators, Students and Community Makers

Whether you are an educator, student or community maker, we are here to help you succeed. To best address your…

APA Draper 3 Race Team, Greenpower Challenge

APA Students Build Electric Car with Solid Edge

Students from American Preperatory Academy (APA) in Utah use Solid Edge to design, build and race a custom electric car at the 2019 Greenpower Challenge.

Girls Day 2019: Empowering Girls with Practical Skills

Girls Days is a day dedicated to inspiring girls’ futures with a special focus on occupations in which few women are working or training. With women comprising less than 20% of its workforce, enginee…

Join the Siemens STEM Curriculum Engineering Design Webinar

Teachers are well-acquainted by now with the importance of STEM. Engineering careers hold great promise for students. Aside from offering a wide range of opportunities to leverage creativity and inge…

From the TODAY show: A high schooler (and Solid Edge) help an injured veteran get moving again

How did a high school student, an engineering class and Solid Edge change the life of a Marine veteran? Check out the story of Ashley Kimbel, featured on the TODAY show (a major US morning news and t…

Student Design Contest Winner December 2018

Congratulations to sophomore @RobertSchicklin who is studying Aerospace Engineering at The University of Alabama in Huntsville! Robert is the December winner of our monthly student design contest hos…