Siemens Solid Edge Challenge 2021

By Shannon Kruse

Introducing the Siemens Solid Edge Challenge 2021 for Latin America! Every day, the market demands more innovative, low-cost solutions with higher quality standards. This is the reason the design and optimization of components play a fundamental role in the development of new products. We invite you to showcase your ingenuity and test your skills in our newest design challenge. 

What is the Challenge?

The “Solid Edge Challenge 2021” consists of designing a lifting mechanism for a real problem in the industry. The objective: to promote ingenuity and creativity using the Solid Edge 2020 portfolio of solutions.

We are working with WashTech to challenge users to solve a real-world problem facing an industry. Founded in 2015, WashTech designs and manufactures industrial cleaning machines to resolve customers’ challenges all over the world, with most of their customers in the automotive and aerospace sector. The machines made by WashTech are designed to meet specific end-customer needs. There are three main factors that drive the design: (1) the type of part that needs to be cleaned, (2) its geometry and (3) the solvent needed for the washing process.

This design challenge aims to promote and encourage the innovation of new products with the technology that we have available today.

  • First place will be given a free Solid Edge Premium license for one year, a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse, AND an iPad Mini!
  • Second place will be given a free Solid Edge Premium license for one year and a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse for design!
  • Third place will be given a free Solid Edge Premium license for one year and a Smart Watch!

Rules of the Challenge

  1. The designs must be created using tools in Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Solid Edge portfolio
  2. Siemens Digital Industries Software will provide you with these tools, unless you already have access to the software.
  3. Designs must be original and promote innovation. Participants must certify that the design is the result of their effort and creativity, thus avoiding infringing on the copyrights of other people. 
  4. The winners authorize Siemens Digital Industries Software to use their designs for free for the maximum period established by law. 
  5. Anyone outside Siemens Digital Industries Software and its business partners may participate. 
  6. The same person can submit more than one proposal. 
  7. Only models sent within the established time period will be considered. 

How the Challenge Works

For this design challenge, we will provide you with the initial base assembly, on which you must propose a solution. That initial base assembly can be seen below.

You must consider the following restrictions to which you must propose a solution: 

  • You are not allowed to modify the space occupied on the floor. 
  • You are not allowed to modify the initial height of the upper face of the “PLATFORM”. 
  • You are not allowed to modify the height of the lower face of the “UPPER FLOOR”. 
  • All the pieces can be modified according to the design needs, respecting the previous rules. 
  • The objective is to create a mechanism that allows the “PLATFORM” to be raised until it contacts the “UPPER FLOOR” and later to return to the initial position. 
  • All parts will be made of 6061-T6 aluminum, except “PLATFORM”, “TOP COUPLING” and “LOWER COUPLING” which will be made of 304 stainless steel. 
    • Consider that “UPPER COUPLING” and “LOWER COUPLING” will be connected with a non-deformable support. 
    • The floor corresponds to the XY plane of the “INDUSTRIAL ELEVATOR” assembly. 
    • The “PLATFORM” must carry a weight of 100 kilograms. 
    • The “PLATFORM” must accelerate and decelerate at a rate greater than 9.81m / s2 (1G) and less than 19.61m / s2 (2G). 
    • The “PLATFORM” must complete the climb in a time of 1 to 2 seconds. 

To access the Standard Parts Library, visit our Part Community site to download standard parts. Additionally, there are resources available for you to obtain standard parts from the web. Standard parts can be found on online catalogs by clicking on the links inside Solid Edge under “Learn” tab. 

Challenge Timeline

The challenge will consist of 4 stages.

Stage 1: Project Registration, Design and Submission

Stage 1 is the project registration, design and submission. This stage starts on November 5, 2020 and ends on February 2, 2021.

There are several steps to be completed during this phase:

  1. Design with Solid Edge. If you do not have Solid Edge Community Edition, you may download it for free here
  2. Make sure you meet all the specifications previously raised. 
  3. Use the largest number of commercial components, which you can download from the web. 
  4. Verify that your design solves the problem posed, with an innovative idea. 
  5. Take 4 screenshots of your model (front view, side view, top view and isometric view). It is important that you save your design, since, if you are one of the finalists, we will contact you to send us the CAD model. Make sure your screenshots do not exceed 5MB. 
  6. Using Microsoft Word, provide a brief description of your model, and what inspired you to arrive at your final design, as well as a justification of your idea (maximum 1 page). Save it under the following structure: 
  7. Send the 4 screenshots of your model, and the Word file with your description to:
  8. The subject or title of your e-mail should have the following structure: 
  9. For your registration to be considered complete, help us by sharing on your social networks, the invitation to participate in the contest, using the hashtag: #SolidEdgeChallenge2020.

The deadline to participate is February 2, 2021. After this date, no further submissions will be considered, and incomplete submissions will be disqualified. In summary, the following checklist should be used to finalize your submission and ensure your participation in the design challenge: 

  1. Complete your online registration 
  2. Send your information on time 
  3. Publication in a social network 
  4. Sending an email with: 
    • Photographs of your model (4 views mentioned previously) 
    • Microsoft Word file (Model description and justification) 

Stage 2: Project Evaluation

Stage 2 is the project evaluation stage. This stage starts on February 8, 2021 and ends on February 12, 2021. All applications will be evaluated by a committee made up of Siemens DISW and Wash-Tech, and a score will be awarded based on the following categories: 

Originality of the proposal (Innovation) 5 
Use of Solid Edge 5 
Degree to which it solves the problem addressed 5 
Incorporation of engineering principles 5 
Model justification 5 

Siemens will identify 20 submissions that will advance to the next stage, from which the 3D model will be requested for its evaluation and detailed visualization. 

Stage 3: Publication of Finalists

Stage 3 is the publication of the finalists. On February 17, 2021, the 5 finalists’ designs will be published on the social networks of Siemens DI Software (LinkedIn and Twitter), and the public, based on the “likes”, will position them in the final place they will occupy in the Challenge, the call will end on February 24, 2021.

Stage 4: Results and Awards

Stage 4 is when the winners will be announced, and awards will be given out! On February 25, 2021, the winners will be published on Siemens DI Software’s social networks and they will be contacted to notify them.

Learn More

For more information on the challenge, visit the challenge website, and register today!

For additional online resources, check out these sites:


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