From the TODAY show: A high schooler (and Solid Edge) help an injured veteran get moving again

By Erin Daly

How did a high school student, an engineering class and Solid Edge change the life of a Marine veteran? Check out the story of Ashley Kimbel, featured on the TODAY show (a major US morning news and talk show) this morning. Ashley is a 17-year-old high school senior from Alabama with an interest in biomedical engineering, who put her skills to good use when she met Kendall Bane, a Marine and leg amputee.

Ashley, who had been introduced to Solid Edge through the Greenpower program, used the software to design and build a lightweight prosthetic foot to help Kendall again enjoy his favorite outdoor activities.

Check out the replay of Ashley and Kendall on the Today Show here.

What a great example of how software can enable users like Ashley to push the boundaries of what is humanly possible—and change lives.

Watch the full video of Ashley’s story here!

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