Demystifying Electromagnetics, Part 3 – Magnets

Why do magnets attract or repel and what’s that got to do with conducting loops of wire? Peter and Petronella Proton help explain….

Electric Fields without and with a conductor

Demystifying Electromagnetics, Part 2 – Wires

Ohm’s Law is just a flow rate, analogous to fluid mass flow. What’s that got to do with EM and what is Temperature and Joule heating anyway?…

Demystifying Electromagnetics, Part 1 – Fields and Analogies

This blog series will strive to demystify (low frequency) EM by way of pictures and analogies, with as few equations as possible, by introducing a series of applications of increasing complexity. In this first blog we’ll and start to look into the electric field with the use of some analogies….

Trace, plane and thermal via heat spreading

Thermal Influence on Maximum Current Carrying Capacity

Superconductors aside, anything that conducts electricity will dissipate heat. The more current that flows, the more heat is dissipated, the hotter things will get. At some point a thermal limit is reached that imposes a maximum current carrying capacity constraint….

How Cool is that? A 1D3D Approach to Simulating Liquid Cooling

The accuracy of 3D in a 1D Systems Simulation context. Breaking down barriers using 1D3D approaches….