Energy Transformation – Systems Engineering in the Energy Industry – ep. 4

By Blake Snodgrass

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The energy industry has lagged in terms of digitization for many decades now. The silver lining is that they can now learn and benefit from digitalization and system engineering approaches from other industries. This minimizes their digital migration risks because they can also bring in experienced people to implement the new methodologies.

In this fourth and last Energy Transformation podcast episode, John Nixon of Siemens Digital Industries Software is talking again with John Lusty; the Industry Lead for Energy & Utilities Industry Marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software. They’ll share the impact that a systems engineering approach is expected to have on the energy industry.

Today, you’ll learn more about why the lack of proper management tools is a leading cause of delays and cost overruns in major capital projects. You’ll also learn how a system engineering approach would transform the energy industry. Additionally, you’ll understand why big energy companies are opting to bring in experienced leaders from other sectors. 

What You’ll Learn in this episode:

  • The challenges of system engineering in significant projects (00:37)
  • Why the energy industry should adopt a systems engineering approach (04:09)
  • The shortcomings of a document-driven approach (06:41)
  • What big companies are doing to learn more about systems engineering (10:34)
John Nixon

John Nixon

Senior Director – Energy and Utilities, Siemens Digital Industries Software

John Lusty

John Lusty

Global Industry Marketing Leader – Energy & Utilities, Siemens Digital Industries Software


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Energy Transformation Podcast Podcast

Energy Transformation Podcast

Stay up to date on industry trends and discover what the future holds for the
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