Arc Boats – Electrifying Sports Boating

Arc Boats Carbon emission from transport is a challenge that needs to be tackled from sea, land, and air. While…

AI Spectrum

AI Spectrum – The Use of Synthetic Data in AI model Training ep. 1

Creating an accurate AI model requires millions of images and data points to be fed into the computing system. This…

Model based matters adapting to business model change

Automotive adapting to new business models impacting autonomous vehicles in trucking industry – Model Based Matters ep. 9

The automotive industry’s business model change has also impacted pre and after-sales customer interactions. For instance, new car manufacturers are…

Energy Transformation - systems engineering

Energy Transformation – Systems Engineering in the Energy Industry – ep. 4

In this fourth Energy Transformation podcast episode learn more about why the lack of proper management tools is a leading cause of delays and cost overruns in major capital projects.

3D-IC ep. 5

3D IC Physical Design Workflow – ep. 5

Follow us on: Apple Spotify Stitcher Amazon RSS One of the challenges of designing 3D IC chips is getting data…

The impact of increased electrification on the Automotive Industry – Model Based Matters ep. 8

The automotive industry is undergoing a lot of changes necessitated by a shift in customers’ preferences as well the need…

3D printed turbine

Additive Manufacturing in the Energy Industry

The energy industry has for a long time been conservative and opposed to changes in its operations. However, the current…

energy transformation 3

Energy Transformation – the impact of low-code solutions on the Energy Industry – ep. 3

The need for custom software in the energy industry has drastically slowed down acquisitions of off-the-shelve software.

Going digital: CIMdata’s Tom Gill and Siemens’ Dale Tutt talk verification and certification through digitalization

Okay I have some good news, and I have some bad news. Let’s get the bad news out of the…