How can Medical Device companies avoid manufacturing errors? With Closed-loop manufacturing!

In this episode, we focus on closed-loop manufacturing and how it increases efficiency in resource usage and data flow throughout the production line, which is aimed at increasing the quality of product and production efficiency.

Digital Transformation for Industrial Machinery

In this episode, Ian Hadden and Giulia Piovano of Siemens will help us understand digitization in the industrial machinery industry .

The global pandemic and how digitalization is helping electronics manufacturers produce more at lower costs

In this episode of The Voice of Smart Manufacturing, we will discuss the impact COVID-19 had on the electronics industry from manufacturing disruptions from lockdowns to increased supply chain disturbances. We will learn how digitalization is working to alleviate these impacts on electronics manufacturing.

Technological Innovations in The Siemens Opcenter Execution Core Family

In this third episode Bettina Pruemper is joined by two guests from Siemens Digital Industries Software – Martin Russell from Opcenter Execution Core Product Development, and Silvio Saouaf, Product Portfolio Manager. They’ll help us understand how Siemens is introducing new architectural innovations that are being utilized to transform manufacturing.

Leveraging the Digital Infrastructure to Accelerate Growth in MD&D Industry

When the pandemic hit, everything changed and the medical device and diagnostic (MD&D) industry was no exception. Overall, COVID-19 had…

Two employees utilizing digital manufacturing to improve a medical device

How Does Siemens Enable Industry Manufacturers to Become Leaders?

Digitalization is helping companies leverage the data that is already available to them to create better products and become more…