Printed gas turbine blade for energy generation

Adopting AM for the energy sector (ep. 5)

Additive manufacturing has the ability to remove many of the supply chain bottlenecks faced by companies in the energy industry….

Energy Transformation - systems engineering

Energy Transformation – Systems Engineering in the Energy Industry – ep. 4

In this fourth Energy Transformation podcast episode learn more about why the lack of proper management tools is a leading cause of delays and cost overruns in major capital projects.

Going digital: CIMdata’s Tom Gill and Siemens’ Dale Tutt talk verification and certification through digitalization

Okay I have some good news, and I have some bad news. Let’s get the bad news out of the…

3D IC front-end architecture

3D IC Front-End Architecture – ep. 4

Follow us on: Apple Spotify Stitcher Amazon RSS For 3D IC to achieve its full potential, it needs to utilize…

3D IC package design flows

3D IC package design flows – ep. 3

Follow us on: Apple Spotify Stitcher Amazon RSS In most cases, it’s very expensive to get game-changing technological advancements in…

The application and adoption of 3D IC – ep. 2

Follow us on: Apple Spotify Stitcher Amazon RSS Standardization plays an important role in promoting the mass adoption of new…

Vehicle Electrification: The Importance of Electrical and Electronic Systems

A major theme of our discussions here on the Future Car podcast has been the large-scale disruption taking shape in…

model based systems engineering

What is continuous verification – Model Based Matters ep. 6

Failing as fast as possible has now become a goal while designing new products. This is important because it ensures…

3D IC 01

An introduction to 3D IC – ep. 1

Follow us on: Apple Spotify Stitcher Amazon RSS Electronic circuits design has become more complex due to the consumers’ need…