Siemens and TeamViewer’s Augmented Future

By Brendan Conley

Siemens and TeamViewer’s Augmented Future

Businesses, especially those with frontline workers, can reap substantial benefits from integrating augmented reality into their daily operations. This integration leads to remarkable gains in efficiency, enhanced productivity, and greater safety for workers. 

Today, Brendan Conley is joined by Alfredo Patron, Jason Holker from TeamViewer, and John Nixon from Siemens Digital Industries Software. They discuss the partnership between Siemens and TeamViewer, focusing on how digital transformation and augmented reality solutions impact industries globally, and how their partnership drives advancements in this field. 

In this episode, you will gain valuable insights into the practicality and immediacy of these technologies and their successful adoption in critical operations worldwide, enabling significant improvements in various industry sectors. 

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Siemens and TeamViewer partnership and the evolution of augmented reality in various industries globally, including aerospace, and manufacturing (01:46)
  • Leveraging AR and digital twins for efficient maintenance and inspections (4:03)
  • The benefits of digital backbone and augmented reality solutions: greater efficiency, reduced downtime, and quick ROI (07:26)
  • Leveraging technology for frontline workers (12:27)
John Nixon

John Nixon

John has worked in energy and utilities for 29+ years, creating multiple energy and technology start-ups leading business development in China, Romania, Panama and the USA. John has also led large greenfield and brownfield projects with oil and mining supermajors in Canada and China, and spearheaded pipeline asset integrity programs in USA and Mexico. John holds patents for pipe lining technology and has been a board member for multiple technology firms and university R&D associations. John was an engineer officer in the US Army and is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BS in Civil Engineering.

Alfredo Patron

Alfredo Patron

Alfredo Patron is the Executive Vice President of Business Development at TeamViewer. Known for his innovative approach to building partnerships that drive business growth, Alfredo joined in May 2015 in order to lead TeamViewer’s business development. He is based in the Bay Area in California.

Before joining TeamViewer, Alfredo worked at Skype and Microsoft between 1998 and 2015 in multiple leadership positions and geographies including Mexico, the UK, and the US. During this time, he led teams focused on deals for top applications including Office, Skype, Bing, Onedrive, and Onenote. He also led the EMEA sales and marketing team for Windows Phone.

Alfredo holds a BSc in Systems Engineering from Universidad Anahuac del Sur in Mexico City and a marketing excellence Diploma from the Kellogg School of Management. He also holds a certificate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford University.

Jason Holker

Jason Holker

Jason Holker is Director, Business Development for TeamViewer. He has been with TeamViewer since 2021, and manages the global Siemens partnership.  He is based in Dallas, TX.  He holds a BA in History from Brigham Young University. He also holds an MBA from Pepperdine University. 


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