NX December 2022 Now Available text

NX December 2022 Release | Now Available

An introduction Welcome to the December 2022 release of NX. Our continuous release puts you, the user, at the center…

On the left side, there is a silver assembled model of a twin steam engine in NX, captioned "Reverse Engineered Model." On the right side, there is a red and yellow twin steam engine sitting on top of bricks labeled "Original Model."

University of Cincinnati senior mechanical design projects with NX CAD

University of Cincinnati seniors revisit reverse engineering in NX CAD to prepare for designing a new product.

man looking at design on computer

NX continues to drive success for leading companies

The growth of NX Siemens Digital Industries Software has been driving digital transformation for years, and now with the Xcelerator…

siemens accepting naval award

Siemens Digital Industries Software wins Best Company Related to Naval Sector 2021 

We are proud to announce that Siemens Digital Industries Software has been awarded as the “Best Company for its activities…

Siemens Xcelerator Marine Solution: Industry Trends and Regulations | Part Three 

In our last entry, we discussed the challenges that the marine industry is trying to combat.  In this continuously updating…

Large Manufacturing Organizations Increase Productivity with CAD and PLM Solutions 

The verdict is in: Executives are looking for new ways to boost productivity in their mechanical design teams. Findings from…

What is new in NX Animation Designer

What is new in NX: Animation Designer 

As we continue to explore all the latest advancements seen from the Siemens June 2022 NX™ software release, we are…

Does CAD Integration with PDM/PLM Solutions Increase Productivity for Design Engineers? 

Lifecycle Insights’ 2021 Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Productivity Study demonstrates executives want to see increased productivity from their mechanical design teams….

Siemens NX wins awards with G2

G2 awards strong performance of NX with several badges in fall 2022

Recognizing the best product design solutions on the market is always a good idea. A tried and tested way to…