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What’s New in NX: Collaborative Design

Let’s delve in again to another one of the latest capabilities in the NX release. If you prefer listening over…

A Mold Connect image

NX Mold Connect | Infographic | #NXMakesitreal

Mold making is a difficult, highly competitive business. Mold manufacturers need to estimate costs to win business and minimize the…

CAD part with accompanying text

NX Mold Connect | A Siemens SaaS offering

With NX Mold Connect, manufacturers and partners can work together better and more efficiently on injection molded parts. It enables…

What’s New in NX | Sketch and Voice Command Assistant

The approach of continually improving our integrated solutions aims to push the boundaries of your capabilities; we want to increase…


What’s New in NX | Intelligence Driven Design: Topology Optimization

You’ve hopefully seen by now our latest release of NX, but if you haven’t, then check out our first YouTube…

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NX What’s new live premiere event – Thursday February 10th 2022

We’re excited to bring you the first ever live launch of Siemens NX. We’re continuing to help our customers create…

Improve productivity and usability with NX Core Architecture upgrades in latest release

Core updates to improve your experience navigating and operating NX

NEW: December 2021 NX Release Update

An update becomes available to you TODAY. See here for what’s new to the next generation of design inside NX!

NX Render

NX Render Blog Series | The Visualization Process for The Marine Industry – Part Three

Introduction For anyone who isn’t an expert in rendering, creating an environment like one that the Princess Yacht X95 is…