Using NX Value Based Licensing to boost your AI capabilities

By Jamie Tyler


The 21st century continues to see great change; innovation continues to gather pace, whilst Artificial Intelligence is beginning to play a huge part in allowing engineers to work smarter. We’re continuing to invest in AI capabilities across the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, and that includes our value based licensing solutions within NX™ software.


We’ve released a handful of blogs on value based licensing, and how they can add tangible value to your worfklows. Be sure to have a look if you’re looking at incorporating into your day to day operations 👇

Our three-pronged approach to AI driven capabilities within the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio

We have an ambitious strategy to continue to add state of the art AI technology to the Siemens Xcelerator Portfolio. Three opportunities we are currently focusing on are:

  • Analyze: The ability to summarize large datasets, recognize design intent and show users how to accomplish their tasks more efficiently.
  • Optimize: To be able to propose the best solution moving forward, whilst balancing the trade-offs between the different options.
  • Generate Why it’s important to create the needed engineering content in the language of engineering. This can be everything from:
    • parts
    • assembling structures
    • manufacturing plans
    • analysis

AI driven capabilities directly in NX

Whilst we can talk about our approach to Artificial Intelligence, it’s important to mention specific capabilities which are making this approach possible within NX. It’s important to stress that these features are available as optional add-on modules, and can be purchased using tokens from your value based licensing pool.

Considering the benefits that you can gain by integrating AI capabilities into your workflows is important. Whilst AI is a transformative tool that is being adopted across the globe, mass adoption has not been achieved. An AI driven NX solution allows users to gain a competitive edge, whilst realizing productivity gains to process, interpret, and apply existing best practices efficiently. So, what are the AI capabilities you can implement using value based licensing?

Command Prediction

We always place you at the center of NX. So, we’ve made Command Prediction available in the token pool. With Command Prediction, you’ll be given commands tailored to your needs, regardless of your experience with NX. Our machine-learning architecture collects data while you interact with the system. You’ll then be given the best choice or set of choices based on your past behavior in NX.
Whether you are a small enterprise requiring a smaller token pool, or something more substantial, Command Prediction only requires three tokens, making it an affordable optional add-on module for all.

Voice Command Assistant

NX Voice Command Assistant is a smart alternative to traditional ways of using NX. Voice Command Assistant transforms multiple level of menus and clicks with easy-to-use single keywords, whilst also supporting Single and Continuous Listening options. Additionally, you can create voice enabled skills to drive your NX workflow through grouping sequences of commands or custom journals into one voice enabled skill. Costing 8 tokens from your pool, it is an inexpensive AI driven capability to integrate into your workflow using value based licensing.

Select Similar faces

Select Similar Faces will give you the opportunity to identify geometrically similar regions through the use of machine learning enabled recognition. You’ll be able to find and select similar faces across multiple components, and perform operations on all similar faces at once. Additionally, you’ll be able to develop custom checks to perform validation of all similar regions. Ultimately, spending three tokens from your token pool on this feature enables you to reduce the number of clicks to reach the desired outcome.

Value Based Licensing continues to be one option for you to take your workflow to the next level. AI optional add-on modules is one area that could help; be sure to continue your journey with value based licensing by taking a look at the links below.

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