What is new in NX | Thermal Simulation

Welcome back to another entry in the What is New in NX blog series for the summer 2022 release. This…

Xcelerator Marine Solution: Industry Challenges | Part Two

Introduction The marine industry is constantly facing challenges, especially over recent years with new introductions of specific regulations and standards….

What is new in NX: Packaging Design

We’re excited to share all the new features in Siemens NX! In this blog post, we’ll explore new functionality within…

Xcelerator Marine Solution: Acquiring FORAN | Part One

If you have yet to hear, Siemens acquired FORAN technologies to create the most comprehensive solution for the marine industry. What…

nx bike

Sending it with Siemens NX:

How a mountain bike enthusiast designed and manufactured his custom carbon fiber bike from scratch with Siemens NX Siemens is…

What is New in NX | Electronic CoDesign: PCB Design

After listening to the valued responses of our NX community, we are excited to announce several key enhancements for PCB…


What’s New in NX | Intelligence Driven Design: Topology Optimization

You’ve hopefully seen by now our latest release of NX, but if you haven’t, then check out our first YouTube…

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