A design of a phone with a blue "digital twin" of the electronic components inside the phone

Leverage the cloud for electronics design | NX CAD on the Cloud

Join Siemens, Microsoft, and AMD for this EE Times webinar on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 12:00 PM EDT |…

NX | Timesaving Clicks and Tricks | Part Three

Obtaining perspective and precision Today, we have our third and final installment in our mini-series called Timesaving Clicks and Tricks!…

Man on laptop in a library

NX | Timesaving Clicks and Tricks | Part Two

In this second installment of our series supporting productivity within NX™ software, we are going to look at some of…

NX | Timesaving Clicks and Tricks | Part One

Welcome to a new series in which we review how to use NX™ software quickly and fluently. The aim is…

An Oracle Red Bull Racing F1 car on a race track

Designing a winning Formula 1 car with NX CAD | Oracle Red Bull Racing

Oracle Red Bull Racing has been racing for 18 years, for all of which they have partnered with Siemens Digital…

NX for Students | Enhancing Future Employability and Getting NX Certified

As a student engineer or designer, we are filled with creative ideas. Learning NX as a tool for all stages of your design process can help you bring these ideas to life, during university, and beyond with a single software.

Interpart Modeling: Part One | NX Tips and Tricks

Striving to help our customers get the most out of NX™ software is a core value around here at Siemens….

New User Journey | Six months learning in NX

New User Journey | Six months learning in NX

NX™ is for everyone; It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced CAD designer, or whether you are starting your career as a product designer.

A yellow shipping container with a module for modular construction being placed onto a truck by a crane.

What is modular construction?

In the third and final episode of a three-part series on technology in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) and…