What’s new in NX | June 2023 | Validation

By Jamie Tyler

Each new instalment of NXâ„Ē software focuses on bringing new functionality that you need. It’s part of our continuous release cycle to ensure you can optimize your experience when using NX. The current focus is on our June 2023 release; in this episode, we take a look at Validation. Before we get started, let’s remind ourselves of Validation within NX.

NX Validation
Incorporates comprehensive validation solutions that bring improved quality to your design part files. Additionally, you can deliver out-of-the-box checkers and reports to improve your quality from day one.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at key functionality we’ve added in this release 👇

Checker Editor

One of our goals was to make it easier for users to create custom Check-mate checkers. We want to ensure we included more Knowledge Fusion expertise; this takes us back to our June 2021 release, where we provided the opportunity to write Check-Mate checks using NX/Open.

We’re taking this one step further in the June 2023 release; introducing the Checker Editor. The Checker Editor allows the authoring of Check-Mate checkers using the logic editor framework. This results in completely reducing the need for complex language expertise to write custom check-mate checkers.

Node Explorer

Whilst Check-Mate checkers is a powerful tool to use, it may look daunting if there are a lot of nodes incorporated into your editor. Not a problem! A new feature we’ve added into this release of NX enables you to quickly search your tree to find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a powerful tool which can also be configured with the settings block to refine your results. Additionally, the results will show up in the library, and will be highlighted within the tree once selected.

Connection techniques

Let’s take a look at the Checker Editor and the different connection techniques that can be used. Firstly, a reminder of the different elements that can be used within a Checker Editor. 👇


  • Geometry – nodes for interacting with primitives, solids, wireframes, and topological features
  • Input – nodes for input selection and values
  • Utilities – nodes that help you manage the rule
  • Logic – nodes that encapsulate simple logic
  • List Management – nodes that help you manage and manipulate list data stored in node
  • Math – nodes that perform elementary math functions


The circles on each node are ports.

  • Circles on the left = inputs
  • Circles on the right = output

And finally, the lines connecting each node are links, and help in linking the final logic within the Checker Editor.

Runtime Debugging

One particularly useful feature added for this release is the RMB command. The command is used for writing checker rules in the Display data function, and lets us perform runtime debugging operations whilst we are creating our checker. It will use the existing model and the logic that we have specified to show data that is captured so far. It’s an easy-to-use tool to enable you to optimize your Checker Editor workflow and save time in the long run.

OOTB Checkers

Let’s take a look at sample out-of-the-box checkers, and the new features we’ve added. We’ve added a number of sample checker rules in order to study and learn how checkers are put together. The goal is to provide greater flexibility within the Checker Editor that matches with the aspirations of our users.


We’ve also done some work in association with Snippets in NX. As a reminder:

Snippets can be created and re-used to automate often used blocks of logic

Snippets make it easier for users who need to use blocks of logic on multiple occasions. Using snippets enable users to reduce the time taken to setup logic and focus this time on optimizing worfklows

Similar to OOTB checkers, we’ve added a number of sample snippet rules to study and learn how snippets are put together.

Continue your journey with NX

We hope you have taken valuable insights from the following blog post, and how you can continue adding value to your workflow with NX Validation features. These features will make it easier for users to configure and customize checks to meet stringent company design standards.

Check back over the coming weeks to see what else we’ve been up to. In the meantime, continue your journey with NX by taking a look at the resources below 👇

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