PADS Professional Premium DFM software in action.

Frequently asked questions about PADS Professional Premium DFM

A best-practice strategy to keep your projects on time and on budget is to test them for compliance with your…

image of Xpedition software showing AMS

PCB design best practices: analog mixed-signal (AMS)

What is analog mixed-signal analysis? Analog mixed-signal circuit simulation (AMS) is a technique for analyzing circuits in an integrated environment…

Xpedition software showing routing a PCB

PCB routing: art + automation

PCB routing is one of the most enjoyable parts of PCB design, but also the most time consuming. It may…

Image of the HyperLynx software showing signal integrity analysis

PCB design best practices: signal integrity analysis

As a part of pillar three, digital prototype-driven verification, let’s dive into signal integrity analysis. What is signal integrity analysis?…

Screen shot of NX showing a thermal analysis. Text onscreen that says Thermal analysis.

PCB design best practices: thermal analysis

Designing today‚Äôs complex PCB is no easy task. It requires a full understanding of the basics of PCB design, a…

Screen shot of Xpedition schematic analysis with text that says PCB design best practices: schematic analysis

PCB design best practices: schematic analysis

What is PCB schematic analysis? PCB schematic analysis is the automated analysis of each net within a schematic prior to…

Image of a PCB with text onscreen that says Creating supply chain resilience for small and medium PCB design teams

Creating supply chain resilience for small and medium PCB design teams

PCB supply chain disruptions Disruptions in the PCB supply chain have caused problems for product development teams within most companies….

Image of a 3D pcb thermal analysis with text that says digital prototype-driven verification

PCB design best practices pillar 3: digital prototype-driven verification

Today I will outline our third pillar of PCB design best practices, digital prototype-driven verification. When it comes to digital…

3D model of a rigid-flex pcb with text that says advanced design

PCB design best practices: Designing for advanced manufacturing technologies like rigid-flex PCB design and High-Density Interconnect

The next best practice I want to discuss as a part of engineering productivity and efficiency is designing for advanced…