Building on success: Electrolux group enhances library ecosystem, driving efficiency and innovation

By Matthias Heinicke

Unveiling the future

Electrolux Group presents at the Siemens 2024 Plant Simulation User Conference

At the Siemens Plant Simulation Conference, attendees will enjoy an exclusive lecture by Electrolux Group, showcasing the latest advancements in their digitalization journey. With a focus on expanding their digital manufacturing library ecosystem, this year’s presentation highlights a pivotal step forward in driving efficiency and innovation across their manufacturing operations.

A journey of evolution

Retrospective analysis of Electrolux Group’s digitalization

Commencing with a retrospective analysis of their digitalization efforts in 2019 utilizing Plant Simulation, Electrolux Group traces their evolution, culminating in the introduction of the Electrolux Model Architecture Library in 2022. This groundbreaking library revolutionized model development, slashing development timelines from months to a mere two days.


Arjun Ginoya, Plant Simulation Expert, Electrolux Group

Arjun Ginoya, an accomplished professional, graduated with a Master’s degree in “Simulation and System Design” from the esteemed University of Applied Sciences Stralsund, Germany. His journey into the realm of discrete-event simulation commenced during his master’s program in 2017, where he collaborated closely with a university professor. This foundational experience was further enriched during his tenure at BSH Group from 2018 to 2019. Since 2020, Arjun has been an integral part of Electrolux Group, assuming the role of Plant Simulation Expert. In this capacity, he spearheads various simulation initiatives and contributes to global transformation projects, showcasing his expertise on a worldwide scale.

Through simulation, we’re not just modeling efficiency; we’re engineering innovation that transforms the future of manufacturing.

Arjun Ginoya, Plant Simulation Expert, Electrolux Group

Introducing the next chapter

Electrolux Group’s specialized material handling library

Fast forward to 2024, Electrolux Group introduces their latest breakthrough – a specialized library designed for material handling simulations, specifically tailored for tuggers. Seamlessly integrated with the existing Electrolux model architecture library, this innovative addition forms a cohesive ecosystem, enabling swift and effective model creation.

Exploring the future

Live demonstrations of Electrolux Group’s integrated library ecosystem

During the presentation, attendees will gain comprehensive insights into the conceptual framework and intricate functionalities of these libraries. Through live demonstrations, Electrolux Group will showcase the seamless process of model development using their integrated library ecosystem, offering a glimpse into the future of manufacturing simulation.


The enhancement of Electrolux Group’s library ecosystem underscores several key benefits, driving efficiency and innovation within Electrolux’s operations:

  1. Streamlined development: The expansion of the library ecosystem facilitates streamlined model development processes. With access to a comprehensive library, Electrolux engineers can more efficiently design and implement simulations for various manufacturing scenarios.
  2. Reduced timelines: By leveraging the enhanced library ecosystem, Electrolux Group has significantly reduced development timelines. The introduction of the Electrolux Model Architecture Library in 2022 slashed development timelines from months to just two days, enabling rapid prototyping and iteration.
  3. Tailored solutions: The introduction of specialized libraries, such as the Material Handling Library for tuggers, demonstrates Electrolux Group’s commitment to tailoring solutions to specific manufacturing challenges. These tailored libraries offer targeted support for distinct operational needs, further enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Integrated ecosystem: The seamless integration of new libraries with existing infrastructure ensures a cohesive ecosystem for simulation and modeling. This integrated approach enhances collaboration, data sharing, and consistency across Electrolux Group’s manufacturing processes, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Overall, Electrolux Group’s focus on enhancing its Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation library ecosystem translates into tangible benefits, including streamlined development, reduced timelines, tailored solutions, and an integrated ecosystem, ultimately driving efficiency and innovation within the organization.


The Siemens Plant Simulation Conference will feature Electrolux Group’s presentation, highlighting their digitalization journey and latest advancements. Electrolux will showcase their expansion of the library ecosystem, emphasizing efficiency and innovation in manufacturing. Their journey began in 2019, utilizing Plant Simulation, leading to the introduction of the Electrolux Model Architecture Library in 2022, significantly reducing development timelines. In 2024, they introduce a specialized Material Handling Library tailored for tuggers, seamlessly integrated with their existing library. Attendees will explore these developments through live demonstrations, gaining insights into the future of manufacturing simulation.

2024 Plant Simulation User Conference

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