35% reduction in plant-level fluctuations and 30% expansion of warehouse capacity: Simulation-based optimization for production smoothing in a European food manufacturer

The lecture presents an innovative hybrid simulation-based optimization methodology for production smoothing in the European food industry, aiming to reduce plant-level fluctuations and enhance warehouse capacity, offering significant benefits and insights for industrial production optimization.

Building on success: Electrolux group enhances library ecosystem, driving efficiency and innovation

The Electrolux Group lecture at the Siemens Plant Simulation Conference unveils their latest digitalization advancements, focusing on expanding their library ecosystem for enhanced manufacturing efficiency and innovation. Their journey, from 2019 analysis to the 2024 introduction of specialized libraries, showcases reduced development timelines and tailored solutions.

Driving Sustainable Transformation: BSH's Journey Towards CO2 Reduction at Enamelling

Driving sustainable transformation: BSH’s journey towards CO2 reduction in enameling

In today’s global manufacturing landscape, the imperative for CO2 reduction shapes new paradigms in production planning. Mert Gök, an innovator at BSH Home Appliances Group, illuminates this journey in his presentation on sustainable transformation at the 2024 Plant Simulation User Conference. Delving into the critical enamelling process, essential in home appliance manufacturing, Gök explores strategies to minimize CO2 emissions. Through meticulous planning and execution, BSH achieves remarkable results, halving CO2 emissions while optimizing production efficiency. This holistic approach not only fosters environmental sustainability but also enhances operational excellence and corporate reputation. Join the discourse, as we navigate toward a greener, more sustainable future together.

Image of photovoltaic manufacturing simulation in Siemens Plant Simulation software.

Achieving over 30% time savings in solar photovoltaic manufacturing with Siemens Plant Simulation software

Photovoltaic manufacturing in the solar industry requires companies to balance economic efficiency with a sustainable vision for our planet. Integrated and sophisticated technologies are essential throughout the entire value chain, from polysilicon production and ingot cutting to cell manufacturing and module assembly. Learn how M10 Solar Equipment GmbH uses Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software to optimize their operations, resulting in remarkable time savings of more than 30%.

Image of the integration of the Receding Horizon Planner (RHP) application with Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software.

Receding Horizon Planner and Plant Simulation software

The integration of the Receding Horizon Planner (RHP) application with Plant Simulation software offers real-time optimization and enhanced production scheduling, enabling businesses to maximize efficiency and resource utilization while minimizing downtime and costs.

Picture of Stefan J. Koch, Technical Director, more3D immersed in a VR session using Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software.

Advanced virtual reality with Plant Simulation software

In this lecture, we explore the integration of Plant Simulation software with Virtual Reality (VR) technology, specifically HTC Vive, and discover the transformative impact it has on manufacturing efficiency. By merging the power of Plant Simulation software’s digital modeling with the immersive capabilities of VR, we unlock a new dimension in optimizing and streamlining manufacturing processes.

Optimization: Harnessing the power of Plant Simulation for planning and scheduling

Tao Yifei, Industrial Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, explores the application of Plant Simulation in optimizing production processes and improving planning and scheduling efficiency.

Plant Simulation User Meeting "What's new" presentation

Welcome to the 2023 Tecnomatix Plant Simulation User Conference!

Discrete event simulation is a powerful tool used in many industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. It involves modeling a system as a series of discrete events, such as the arrival of a customer or the start of a production run, and simulating how the system behaves over time. This allows analysts to study the system’s performance under different scenarios, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and test new strategies for improvement. Plant Simulation software from Siemens is one of the leading platforms for discrete event simulation, and the annual user conference is a key event for experts in the field to share knowledge and insights.

Industrial digitalization for robot functional safety at Electrolux

Leading multinational home appliance manufacturer presents the use of Siemens digital manufacturing software for their digitalization journey. At Siemens Realize…