SynthAI model training testing

SynthAI Demo #3: Synthetic data model testing and evaluation [VIDEO]

Training a ML model is one task, but deploying the model to production can be another. In this product demonstration, watch the step-by-step guide on how SynthAI’s virtual environment can help accelerate the testing and deployment of a finely tuned AI model.

Siemens Process Simulate Robotics

Just in time for the holidays… Process Simulate Robotics saves the day.

As people all around the world prepare to celebrate the holidays and the start of a new year, Siemens reminds…

Tecnomatix Process Simulate Collaborate

Simplified Digital Collaboration for Process Simulate Studies

Collaborate more effectively on Process Simulate studies with Tecnomatix Process Simulate Collaborate. Join or lead a collaborative environment all from a web-based browser to review studies independently or observe the presenter’s view alongside colleagues.

GWE uses SynthAI

SynthAI turbo-charges synthetic data generation for leading electronics plant

Discover how a leading electronics plant harnesses the power of synthetic data generation with Siemens SynthAI machine vision application for industrial defect detection. With SynthAI, engineers could accelerate the set-up time for AI inspection models five times faster than before.

Smart manufacturing moves EV production into the fast lane.

How smart manufacturing helps solve EV production challenges

Siemens Digital Industries Software recently shared its insights on smart manufacturing for electric vehicle production with Automotive Manufacturing Solutions. The…

Improving AI Model Accuracy with Synthetic Data

Discover the use of Synthetic data in training AI-reliant factory robots and the challenges, benefits that come with combining Synthetic data with real data in digital manufacturing

Tecnomatix Process Simulate Collaborate

Join the Tecnomatix Process Simulate Collaborate early access program

Make your mark on the future of Process Simulate! Help us improve the software we deliver to you. Join an exclusive early access program for a new cloud application designed to maximize your productivity in Process Simulate.

Need to find FOD? No worries. Intosite has you covered.

Siemens and TurbineOne demonstrate FOD Dog solution using Intosite to save time and money while keeping aircraft and people safe…

Wipro PARI reduces commissioning time by 70%

Leading automation developer uses Tecnomatix Process Simulate from Siemens to validate engine assembly line in three months Wipro PARI is…