Reimagining excellence: the latest in automotive manufacturing in Japan

Hear from Siemens Senior Technical Product Manager about the latest in automotive manufacturing and how digital manufacturing is playing a pivotal role in transforming manufacturing processes. Long-time users of Process Simulate now realize the enhanced value offered by Siemens newest cloud-based solution, Process Simulate Collaborate, an application for visualizing and analyzing factory production lines with ease.

Zvi Feuer

Reshaping the world with digital manufacturing 

Digital technologies are reshaping the manufacturing industry, becoming an integral part of modern production. This fundamental transformation is enabled by digital manufacturing. To better understand what is driving these changes, we recently sat down with Zvi Feuer, Senior Vice President of Digital Manufacturing Software, and CEO of Siemens Digital Industries Software in Israel.

Medical device, self-injection solutions, SHL-Medical manufacturing simulation analysis and optimization

+25 to 35% intralogistics improvement: Eye-opening simulation and analysis of manual vs. automated intralogistics and ASRS integration through Plant Simulation

SHL Medical’s conference lecture offered insights into their manufacturing simulation analysis and optimization strategies in the medical device industry. They emphasized the transformative impact of automation on production efficiency, inventory control, and process integration. Using Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, SHL Medical showcased their commitment to enhancing operational performance and driving innovation in self-injection solutions. Their presentation highlighted the importance of data-driven decision-making and strategic automation integration to streamline manufacturing processes efficiently.

Anja Munzke, Fraunhofer-Institut

Unlocking efficiency: Insights into the simulation of battery cell production at the Fraunhofer IGCV

Efficiency in battery manufacturing: The lecture explores how material flow simulation, led by Anja Munzke, optimizes efficiency and sustainability in battery cell production, offering insights into streamlining processes and minimizing resource usage.

35% reduction in plant-level fluctuations and 30% expansion of warehouse capacity: Simulation-based optimization for production smoothing in a European food manufacturer

The lecture presents an innovative hybrid simulation-based optimization methodology for production smoothing in the European food industry, aiming to reduce plant-level fluctuations and enhance warehouse capacity, offering significant benefits and insights for industrial production optimization.

Process simulate collaborate

Advancing 3D Collaboration with Process Simulate Collaborate [video]

In today’s interconnected landscape, engineers often face cumbersome tasks in process simulation, hindering collaboration. Read how Tecnomatix’s Process Simulate Collaborate streamlines this process, freeing up to 20% of engineers’ time by providing cloud-based access, storage, and secure sharing for 3D simulation studies.

Advanced approach to the creation of a logistics simulation model

The lecture explores the transformative potential of logistics simulation modeling using an intelligent logistic library, highlighting its ability to optimize AGV logistics through dynamic simulation techniques.

Smart Factory: Unlocking operational excellence: Integrating Plant Simulation in the era of smart factories

Adrián García, from Alhona, will present a lecture on integrating Plant Simulation into the era of smart factories to achieve operational excellence. Despite the onset of the fifth industrial revolution, many companies have yet to fully leverage its potential. García will discuss the concept of smart factories, highlighting their role in enhancing productivity. He will emphasize the significance of Plant Simulation in this context, shedding light on its contribution to optimizing operational processes within smart factory frameworks.

Logistics optimization enhancing plant efficiency: Analyzing logistic routes with heat maps for optimal efficiency and strategic improvements

The lecture highlighted the importance of logistics optimization in manufacturing, stressing its role in ensuring efficient material flow and cost reduction. Jéssica Cette Gomes, an Analyst at Volvo Group Trucks Operations, introduced a pioneering approach: analyzing logistic routes with heat maps for enhanced efficiency and strategic improvements. Her method aims to optimize routes, providing valuable insights for future logistical enhancements.