Unlocking efficiency: Insights into the simulation of battery cell production at the Fraunhofer IGCV

By Matthias Heinicke

Fraunhofer Institute for Casting, Composite and Processing Technology IGCV

Anja Munzke, group leader collaborative factory planning, department of holistic factory planning

Leading the charge: Anja Munzke and the pursuit of efficiency

The journey towards efficiency in manufacturing is an ongoing pursuit, particularly in industries navigating complex production systems like battery cell casting. At the forefront of this endeavor is the Fraunhofer Institute for Foundry, Composite and Processing Technology (IGCV), where research is shaping the future of production efficiency.

Driving innovation: Anja Munzke’s vision for collaborative factory planning

Anja Munzke, Fraunhofer-Institut

Anja Munzke holds a Bachelor’s degree in international industrial engineering with a specialization in automation technology from the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen and a Master’s degree in systems engineering with a focus on logistics from the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm. Since 2019, she has been a research assistant in the Factory Planning Department at the Fraunhofer Institute in Augsburg (IGCV), contributing to various research and industrial projects. Anja’s expertise lies in the planning, design, and simulation of material flows, as well as the dimensioning, planning, and design of storage and logistics systems. As of July 2023, she leads the collaborative factory planning group at the institute.

Picture: Thomas L. Fischer

Modelling of the delivery process in relation to production scenarios

Modelling of the delivery process in relation to production scenarios

Modeling the delivery process within production scenarios is the basis for optimizing operations and resource utilization. Through accurate simulation, businesses anticipate bottlenecks, optimize inventory, and minimize downtime, ensuring streamlined supply chains and efficient production. Integrating delivery process modeling with production scenarios enables agile strategies to meet market demands and maintain competitiveness.

Unlocking insights: Material flow simulation with Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Central to Munzke’s work is the utilization of Siemens Digital Industries Software Tecnomatix Plant Simulation for material flow simulation. This powerful tool holds the key to unlocking efficiency by offering a comprehensive understanding of production processes before they unfold.

In battery cell production, resource optimization and environmental considerations are important. Therefore, material flow simulations play a significant role in the early design of the production environment. By accurately modeling material flows and accounting for various boundary conditions, battery manufacturers can develop strategies to streamline operations while optimizing resource usage and reducing work in progress.

The simulation demonstrates enhancements in buffer occupancy between slitting and vacuum drying, potentially reducing the maximum number of anode coils from 22 to less than 15. This reduction of Work in Progress (WIP) minimizes bound capital, subsequently enhancing production efficiency and profitability.

Thanks to the simulation’s insights, we’ve uncovered significant improvements, potentially reducing the maximum number of anode coils by over 30%. This reduction in work in progress not only frees up capital but also elevates production efficiency and profitability to new heights.” – Anja Munzke, Group leader collaborative factory planning, Fraunhofer Institute for Casting, Composite und Processing Technology IGCV

Insights await: Join us at the 2024 Plant Simulation User Conference

During Munzke’s presentation, prepared for June 6th, 2024, at the 2024 Plant Simulation User Conference in Munich, Germany, attendees will gain insights into the application of material flow simulation in battery cell production. Through compelling use cases, Anja Munzke will demonstrate how simulations enable the visualization and optimization of complex production systems, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

Towards a simulated future: Development of library modules

Moreover, Munzke will offer a glimpse into the future of simulation modeling with the development of library modules. These modules promise to simplify and expedite the creation of simulation models, further empowering manufacturers to harness the full potential of simulation technology.

Exploring efficiency opportunities: The 2024 Plant Simulation User Conference

The 2024 Plant Simulation User Conference presents a unique opportunity for industry professionals to delve into the latest advancements in simulation software. Against the backdrop of the Infinity hotel in Munich, attendees will engage in stimulating discussions, explore cutting-edge solutions, and network with peers and experts alike.

Beyond the horizon: Shaping the future of manufacturing

As the manufacturing landscape continues to evolve, the pursuit of efficiency remains unwavering. Through collaborative efforts and innovative tools like Plant Simulation, institutions like Fraunhofer IGCV are at the forefront of driving transformative change. Join us on June 6th, 2024, as we embark on a journey to unlock efficiency and shape the future of manufacturing together.

2024 Plant Simulation User Conference

Join us at the 2024 Plant Simulation User Conference on June 6th, held at the Infinity hotel in Munich, Germany. Dive into this subject with us! This event, following Realize LIVE Europe, is perfect for learning from experts, connecting with colleagues, and discovering the newest features in Plant Simulation software. Attendees will encounter presentations on the latest in Plant Simulation 2404 and lively discussions that could revolutionize their material flow simulation strategies. Other sessions include exploring innovative techniques to enhance efficiency in plant operations. Furthermore, they’ll gain insights on optimizing resource utilization for maximum efficiency.

Other lectures at the 2024 Plant Simulation User Conference are for example:

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