SynthAI model training testing

SynthAI Demo #3: Synthetic data model testing and evaluation [VIDEO]

Training a ML model is one task, but deploying the model to production can be another. In this product demonstration, watch the step-by-step guide on how SynthAI’s virtual environment can help accelerate the testing and deployment of a finely tuned AI model.

Improving AI Model Accuracy with Synthetic Data

Discover the use of Synthetic data in training AI-reliant factory robots and the challenges, benefits that come with combining Synthetic data with real data in digital manufacturing

Enabling digital collaboration through process simulation software

Discover the opportunity to modernize communication with a digital solution that drives efficiency and brings human-robot collaboration to the next level.

50 % decrease in drop inventory. Simulation helps with analysis, optimization, and with execution.

50 % decrease in drop inventory. Simulation helps with analysis, optimization and execution. Surprising results from feeding simulation data into a customer specific manufacturing system.

Logistics Planning in Universities? Material Flow Simulation for Students?

The Plant Simulation Student Challenge starts into round two:
This Challenge is intended for students and professors in academics, university, learning and education.

Dr Piepenbrock opening the Plant Simulation Conference

Plant Simulation User Day 2022 in Berlin

What a day! On Monday, May 30th 2022, the worldwide community of Tecnomatix Plant Simulation users gathered in the Estrel…

Leading the way in industrial simulation software

Siemens continues to rank highest in industrial simulation software according to industry experts at a global tech market advisory firm….

Realize Live + U2U 2021: Tecnomatix Technical Sessions Highlights

Join Us at Realize Live + U2U Realize LIVE + U2U is taking place on May 26, and we’re thrilled to…

production layout in 3D

Is it Time to Switch to a 3D Representation for your Production Layout?

Switching from the ubiquitous 2D drawing to a modern 3D representation of your Production layout has its costs, but the…