Expertise in impulse heat-sealing leads to new opportunities for medical device startup

6 years ago, Bob Mileti saw an opportunity to apply his knowledge in heat-sealing technology to the design and manufacture of an innovative mattress for healthcare facilities. To meet this challenge, he has set up a new venture, Unisoft Medical Corporation. Unisoft’s first product is the Unisoft One, the first healthcare mattress to be designed for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, and optimal infection control.

Startup manufacturer developing lighter, more powerful fuel cells

Providing revolutionary power generation and propulsion systems is the focus for JALVASUB Engineering based in Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain.For the design of their marine vehicles, propulsion and power-generation systems, JALVASUB Engineering’s engineers are using Solid Edge.

Startup Spotlight: Forty1 Kitesurfing

Forty1 Kitesurfing, a UK-based startup, relies on Solid Edge to develop the Hydrofin™, a set of low-profile hydrofoils, which enables kitesurfers to ride in lighter winds and shallower waters

Flow Simulation for More Reliable Products: See FloEFD for Solid Edge at SEU Boston

With Solid Edge University in Boston only a week away, we’ve got another exciting preview for you of some of the latest solutions available in Solid Edge, which we’ll be sharing during the event next…

Case study: Thermal analysis for heat sealing equipment

Thermal analysis of a heat sealing element
Working with our customer Trlby innovative we just published a case study that focuses on their use of FloEFD for Solid Edge for thermal analysis of he…

Frontloading flow analysis improves product performance

Optimizing cooling of electronic components using FloEFD for Solid Edge
Do any of your products have fluid flow or heat transfer issues? Examples could include understanding the pressure drop thr…

Engineering Edge: great resource for thermal and fluid flow analysis

If you have any heat dissipation issues to solve in your designs, or you need to understand better how fluids flow inside or around your designs you may be interested in Engineering Edge, a publicati…

“Frontloading” Simulation Results in Optimized Products

Air flow analysis in an automotive heater + air conditioning unit
Many engineering organizations are frontloading simulation, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), by moving it to the be…

Fast, Accurate and Easy Fluid Flow Analysis for the Design Engineer

Visualization of fan assisted cooling of electronic components is one of the many capabilities of FloEFD for Solid Edge.

The new integration of Mentor Graphics’ FloEFD analysis solution with S…