Engineering Edge: great resource for thermal and fluid flow analysis

By DavidChadwick

If you have any heat dissipation issues to solve in your designs, or you need to understand better how fluids flow inside or around your designs you may be interested in Engineering Edge, a publication from Mentor (a Siemens Business). The latest edition contains twelve customer case studies from a wide variety of industries including a discussion of optimizing aerodynamics for a NASCAR race car, solving fluid flow issues in a turbo compressor, and ensuring that heat is dissipated correctly in a digital camera.

With the availability of FloEFD for Solid Edge our users can take advantage of an easy to use heat transfer and fluid flow analysis tool that is embedded right inside Solid Edge. We are interested in hearing from any of our users about their experience with using CFD analysis together with Solid Edge, including both those using the standalone FloEFD solution, and the new solution integrated inside Solid Edge. We would love to see an article in the next edition of Engineering Edge from you!camera cooling.jpgEngineering Edge article: Improved heat dissipation in a compact digital camera


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