3 trends changing the product shape design

Explore leading trends driving the change in product shape design, including subdivision modeling and ways to respond to new market demands.

Hybrid modeling in Solid Edge with syncronous and ordered modes

Changing your modeling approach can accelerate your product design process and enable entirely new ways of working. This post provides a walkthrough of the unique hybrid modeling features in Solid Edge, powered by our market-leading syncronous technology.

Complex shape design of a glue gun in Solid Edge

Best practices for complex shape design

Complex shape design can be challenging for designers. Take advantage of universal principles and best practices for the latest CAD tools.

DEVELOP3D names Solid Edge Convergent Modeling among the Top Technologies of 2020

Recently, DEVELOP3D released their D3D 30, a list of the top 30 new technologies of 2020 chosen for their ability…

Craft Aesthetic, Unique Designs with Generative Modeling in Solid Edge

One of the biggest challenges in computer-aided design (CAD) is getting generative design, additive manufacturing and reverse engineering to work…

Best Practices for Mastering Surface Modeling

Best practice in surface modeling is very different from solid modeling. Surfacing goals are mostly intermediate goals, the result being a solid model. Surface modeling requires flexibility and inven…

Reaktor Space Labs

Startup Spotlight: Reaktor Space Lab

Reaktor Space Labs, a Finland-based space engineering company, uses Solid Edge to launch the next generation of advanced nano-satellites into orbit.

Out of the Box Tools for Solid Edge

If you don’t know already, Solid Edge ships with over 2 dozen programs and utilities which can be readily used in various scenarios in daily work. Moreover, the full source code is made av…

Reverse Engineering Tutorial in Solid Edge Part 2 – Deep Dive

…continued from part 1

Step 6 – Extracting Treatment Feature Data

The intention of the reverse engineering process is to extract a high-level overall form of the object and it…