The Solid Edge API is used to build applications based on the Solid Edge OEM toolkit

Developing Solid Edge OEM solutions

Solid Edge OEM is a comprehensive CAD software toolkit that allows technology companies to create their own tailored software applications using Solid Edge as their mechanical CAD platform. Developers can use the Solid Edge API to create custom capabilities that meet the specific requirements of their end users

Man working on a sheet metal design

Sheet metal design: 8 ways to improve your technique with CAD software

Here are some essential tips to help improve your sheet metal design technique and increase productivity.

Solid Edge 2021 Feature Highlights: Free CAD Models for Solid Edge Users

All the features you want. All the value you need. Solid Edge 2021 has been launched and with it comes…

New connector design improves robustness and flexibility for a modular robot system

Ross Robotics in the UK is a fast-growing developer of modular robots that are used for inspection and maintenance operations…

Startup Spotlight: Forty1 Kitesurfing

Forty1 Kitesurfing, a UK-based startup, relies on Solid Edge to develop the Hydrofin™, a set of low-profile hydrofoils, which enables kitesurfers to ride in lighter winds and shallower waters

This webinar focuses on how industrial machinery manufacturers and suppliers can take advantage of technology innovation in manufacturing processes right now.

Managing Change in the Industrial Machinery Business

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Why Should You Use CFD?

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TV/Monitor Wall Mount

Changing Your Modeling Approach for Better Designs (Part 3)

This is the third and final in a series of blog posts that coordinate with an eBook that was provided…

Changing Your Modeling Approach for Better Designs (Part 2)

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