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By Jane Wade

We can all agree that there isn’t enough time in the day. We would all benefit from an extra hour or an uplift in productivity but for most of us that isn’t a reality.  Knowing the time pressures on today’s engineers and the constant demand for innovation, Simcenter has put together six deep-dive sessions at the upcoming Realize LIVE event in Las Vegas, 9 – 12 June. Maximum content in minimum time.  Yes, you still need to go to Las Vegas but we will make it worth while. This is how:

Digitization – relevance to the day-to-day workload

Tapping into the latest zeitgeist is far more than rolling out some buzzwords, but let’s get them out anyway – SPDM, MBSE, Digital Thread, Digital Twin, IoT, Ai – there is no discounting these game-changing methodologies and technologies, but we need to be able to meaningfully implement them. 

We asked our team of Simcenter simulation and test experts in the US to put together sessions that translate the jargon into workable content with real customer examples and this is what they will deliver:

Constructing your MBSE digital thread

Brian Thornton, America’s MBSE Portfolio Development Executive leads customer explorations related to MBSE, helping the customer qualify and quantify the business impact that MBSE can bring to their engineering enterprise, supply chain and end customer.  Brian has formalized a practice that helps make MBSE understandable, digestible, and actionable.

Product, development, and organizational complexity has rendered disconnected, document-centric systems engineering processes inadequate. MBSE enables teams to conceptualize, develop, verify, validate, manufacture, and sustain today’s complex products.

Maximizing your digital twin impact

Tom Phillips, Director, Simulation Portfolio Development, helps companies leverage the concept of the Digital Twin with Siemens Software simulation solutions to improve their business performance. He is joined in his session by Paul Deacon and Remi Duquette, who bring first-hand experience of delivering ‘in the field’.

xDT workflow
Tom Phillips presents xDT workflow: Simcenter at Realize LIVE

Driving the vehicle electrification digital thread with effective simulation & test methodologies

Keith Moss is getting hands-on for his session, with the SimRod demo vehicle live onsite. In his session he will walk through a connected landscape of simulation and test methodologies to drive product development and achieve performance metrics that lead in the market (e.g. efficiency, range, power, NVH, etc.). Be prepared for a fun and interactive session with industry colleagues as we draw our attention to real connected workflows involving a digital twin of a battery and eDrive unit from an onsite physical vehicle.

Keith supports the Heavy Equipment Automotive & Transportation Industry Segments to helps to introduce customers to a wide variety of Simulation and Test best strategies to execute engineering tasks on a wide variety of a products performance attributes.

In this short video, Keith gives us a sneak peak of his session.

Simulation led design of semiconductor components and subsystems in an integrated ECAD/MCAD environment 

Presented by the well-travelled Andras Vass-Varnai (Korea, Hungary and US), who is an expert in electronics engineering with a particular interest in semi-conductor packaging and reliability, this session looks to establishing digital threads within and between the ECAD, MCAD and Simulation domains. Semiconductors are at the heart of modern technology, and their importance in our lives cannot be overstated. From smartphones to electric cars, semiconductors power the devices we rely on every day. However, the design of these complex components and subsystems requires a sophisticated, integrated approach that can handle the increasing complexity of today’s electronics value chain. At the upcoming Siemens Realize Live event, experts from Siemens will share insights on how simulation-led design of semiconductor components and subsystems can be achieved in an integrated ECAD/MCAD environment. They will discuss the importance of establishing digital threads within and between these domains, and how collaborative electro-mechanical design can be achieved with the Siemens Xcelerator platform. Join us to learn more about how our solutions can help you achieve your business goals through deep integration of MCAD-ECAD-Simulation workflows. Andras is joined by Yannick Sigmen, Maya HTT and Dan Steen, Siemens Software.

Meet the experts at the Realize LIVE Simcenter simulation conference
Experts from across Simcenter present on key topics

Improving operational readiness for tomorrow’s defense programs through simulation

Operational readiness is critically important to the defense sector.  Javier Castro is joined by Alan Rose, Cordessa, in this session to discuss the significant challenge corrosion poses to operational readiness and how simulation addresses this challenge while delivering the innovation needed to improve readiness for the programs of tomorrow.

Meeting the requirements of the digital thread with simulation process & data management

Rick Licursi and Raghav Kashi discuss why a company cannot realize the requirements of a digital thread without the inclusion of a Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) system. This session will provide an overview of the Siemens Xcelerator SPDM solution to manage the simulation “digital twins” that are developed by an organization’s engineers and analysts. Specific capabilities such as easy search, revision control, dashboards, and the open and flexible tool integration framework will be discussed. A demonstration focused on a “Day in the Life” of an analyst will be presented showing how easy it is to interact with the Siemens Xcelerator SPDM system. 

Simulation conference Americas
Registration is open for Simcenter at Realize LIVE Americas

Watch this short video and preview Realize LIVE

Alongside these deep-dive sessions we also welcome presentations from Siemens Energy, Virginia Tech, Greenforges, and PHM Technologies.

If innovating is part of your day job then please attend our sessions and share your experiences with our team.

Nick Appleyard, VP, Simcenter Americas

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