Simcenter Amesim 2019.2: 3 new features explained

By ClaireMaha Mathieu

Last fall, we introduced the new version 2019.2 of Simcenter Amesim. Addressing the ever-changing needs of industries for more accurate and competitive system modeling, we focused on three main topics for the new release’s features:
• Mechatronic and thermofluid system modeling
• User experience
• Openness

To give you a glimpse of the new features in this release, we selected one feature by topic, presented below with a short video.

Mechatronic and thermofluid system modeling: Thermal analysis of electric motors

Many enhancements have been made related to the electrification challenge. Among them, you can now improve performance assessment of e-machines by including its thermal behavior in a more realistic environment. You have now access to a detailed thermal model of the machine representing the different sectors that can be integrated into a complete electric drivetrain. In addition, this allows you to more accurately assess both the electromechanical performance and thermal behavior during driving cycles. Check the video below for a detailed application example.

User experience: the Neural Network builder

We also integrated a neural network builder allowing you to create a neural network, representing static and dynamic systems. Without prior knowledge, you are now able to easily simplify complex dynamic systems into compact, real-time neural networks and re-use them in Simcenter Amesim models. Check the tech tips video below to learn how to use this new tool.

Openness: High performance computing study

From now on, it is easy to submit a Simcenter Amesim model to HPC for non-experts through a dedicated graphical user interface (GUI). To this end, scripts or command lines are not mandatory anymore and you can easily monitor simulation status and access results from the GUI. Read this knowledge base article to learn more about this feature, or watch the video below !

Want to know more?

Those are only a few of the major capabilities introduced to Simcenter Amesim 2019.2.

Check the detailed launch announcement to learn more about Simcenter Amesim 2019.2 new features!

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