Digital Part Production – synchronized part production ep. 3

By Bill Butcher

The complex issues that face manufacturers today are myriad. One of the most intriguing solutions is to implement synchronized parts manufacturing. By adopting a closed-loop manufacturing process, equipment manufacturers can improve their planning by introducing intelligence.  

Rahul Garg
Rahul Garg, Vice President for Industrial Machinery & SMB Program

Manufacturers often struggle with facilitating communication and timing between the data and people. As the flow of information becomes increasingly complex, synthesizing all that information becomes a major challenge. If manufacturers don’t embrace synchronized parts manufacturing, problems may arise from the data’s lack of organization.

Today, I welcome back Rahul Garg, the industry leader for Siemens industrial machinery industry. I’m joined as well by Brad Rosenhamer, a portfolio development executive focused on manufacturing operations management for industrial machinery, heavy equipment, and automotive markets. 

Brad Rosenhamer
Brad Rosenhamer, Portfolio Development Executive II at Siemens Digital Industries Software

In this episode, you’ll learn about some challenges facing machine builders, the advantages of synchronized parts manufacturing, and how the digital twin fits into the discussion. Brad also discusses some companies that are successfully implementing synchronized parts manufacturing and we’ll explore why adopting this process is a critical strategy for manufacturers. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Some common issues plaguing today’s manufacturers (02:26)
  • Why it’s so important to have a synchronized part manufacturing process and some of the risks in not doing so (03:30)
  • About the digital twin in the context of digital part production and synchronized part manufacturing (04:48)
  • The benefits for manufacturers that incorporate synchronized part manufacturing (06:38)
  • Why it’s critical for manufacturers to look at the sum of all manufacturing process (08:17)
  • Some examples of companies that have integrated a holistic approach into their manufacturing (10:28)

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About our experts:
Rahul Garg is the Vice President for Industrial Machinery & SMB Program, responsible for defining and delivering key strategic initiatives and solutions and global business development. He and his team are responsible for identifying key initiatives and developing solutions for the industry while working closely with industry leading customers and providing thought leadership on new and emerging issues faced by the machinery industry. Rahul’s experience and insight are derived from 25 year career delivering software-based solutions for product engineering and manufacturing innovation for the global manufacturing industry, spanning a career in R&D to program management, sales and P&L management and having focused exclusively on the industrial machinery and heavy equipment industry since 2007.

Brad Rosenhamer is a Portfolio Development Executive and experienced Senior Director of information Technology, focusing on infrastructure and application, with a demonstrated history of working in the mechanical, electronic and industrial engineering industry. Brad is skilled in value-driven business process strategy, development and implementation. 

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