The Evolution of the Digital Twin in Industry with Tom Phillips of Siemens

Tom Phillips of Siemens Digital Industries Software shares his vision for the future of technology. With a career rich in experience, he discusses the boundless potential of emerging tech in industrial innovation all in our latest episode.

ChatGPT in the loop: Bridging humans to system simulations with Sarah Barendswaard and Yerlan Akhmetov 

In this episode we delve into an insightful conversation with Yerlan Akhmetov and Sarah Barendswaard from Siemens Digital Industries Software, as they unravel the power of AI in real-time optimization of vehicle dynamics parameters.

How ChatGPT Is Redefining the Future of Engineering Simulation with Kai Liu

On our latest episode we are joined by Kai Liu, Senior Key Expert of Simulation and Modeling at Siemens. as he delves into the transformative role of AI in engineering. Discover how AI is not just reshaping tools and productivity but also redefining the future of engineering jobs.

Taking Agriculture Underground with Jamil Madanat

On our latest episode, we dive deep with Jamil Madanat, CTO at GreenForges, to explore the revolutionary concept of underground farming. Discover how controlled environment agriculture is set to redefine our approach to food production, flavour engineering and sustainable farming practices.

Digital Transformation in the Built Environment with Salla Eckhardt

Digital transformation can play an incredibly powerful role in the built environment.

On this episode, we’re joined by Salla Eckhardt, Vice President of Innovation at OAC Services, Inc. She explains some main challenges, innovations and opportunities in this area.

Breathing Life Into the Digital Twin with Daniel Reed at MxD

In this episode Daniel Reed at MxD, talks to us about the use of the digital twin in the factory of the future, using sensors and networks to build smarter factories, how the digital twin was used during the pandemic and what the future holds for this technology.

Engineer Innovation - boosting Norwegian Hydropower with the Digital Twin

Boosting Norwegian Hydropower using the Executable Digital Twin 

In the latest episode of the Engineer Innovation podcast, I talk to Flow Design Bureau’s Morten Kjeldsen about using engineering simulation to create a digital twin that allow operators to understand how a hydropower station is performing in real-time.

A smartwach for machines

Executable Digital Twins: A Smartwatch for Machines

This episode of the Engineer Innovation Podcast is about the engineering challenges involved in designing Forcebit a device that aims to make measurements on rotary drive systems as fast and easy as putting on a smartwatch.

From Simulation to Sea Trials: the Science of Simulating Ships

From Simulation to Sea Trials: the Science of Simulating Ships

In this episode of the Engineer Innovation podcast we go behind the scenes of the world’s largest ever marine validation experiment, in which 54 teams of engineers compete to simulate the performance of a cruise ship which is full of passengers.