Sky’s not the limit: AI and data management redefining space exploration

In this episode, recorded at Realize LIVE Americas 2024, we’re joined by Tom Stoumbos, Director of Engineering at Northrop Grumman. We delve into the fascinating world of space exploration and the intricate technologies behind space vehicles and satellite systems.

Advancing corrosion analysis in aerospace

In this episode, we look at the critical role of corrosion analysis in industry innovation with Alan Rose, CEO of Corrdesa LLC. Explore the complexities of simulating corrosion processes and how these techniques are paving the way for safer and more efficient engineering practices across sectors.

100,000 Simulations a Day! AI Powered Simulation with PhysicsX

Robin Tuluie and Nicolas Hagg explain how PhysicsX uses “Deep Learning Surrogates”, which are AI models that are trained using engineering simulations (such as CFD or FEA), but are then capable of – almost instantly – producing thousands of “CFD quality” surrogate solutions. It’s the closest we’ve ever got to “real time CFD.

Advancing Healthcare Technology Through Simulation

we’re joined by André Gasko, Simulation Engineer at B&W Engineering, to explore the intersection of engineering simulations with real-world applications in electric vehicles and medical devices. With a focus on thermal management and simulation efficiencies, André provides insights into how these technologies shape the development and optimization of complex systems in various sectors.

Failure Is Not an Option: Digital Transformation in Mission Assurance

In this episode, listeners are treated to a profound discussion on aerospace innovation and digital transformation with Nancy Lindsey, a NASA technical expert in reliability, maintainability, and availability, and Todd Tuthill, Vice President for the aerospace, defense and marine industry at Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Engineering Evolution: Nature-Inspired Solutions

In this episode, we look at the intriguing world of bio-inspired design with Mark Price, Professor of Aeronautics at Queen’s University Belfast and Research Initiative Co-Founder at Biohaviour.

Generative AI Doesn’t Care About Your Ego

Our latest episode features Joanna Peña-Bickley, Co-Founder and CEO of Vibes Ai. Dive into a journey where innovation meets empathy, exploring how AI can be both powerful and human-centered.

The Role of Simulation Engineers in Our AI Tomorrow

In this episode, join us as we explore the intersection of artificial intelligence, engineering and innovation with Dr. Gabriele Pozzetti, Reformed CFD Engineer and AI Expert.

Charging Ahead: Energica’s Electric Vision

Dive into the world of sustainable mobility with Giampiero Testoni, CTO of Energica Motor Company, on our latest episode. Giampiero shares insights into the evolution of electric motorcycles, Energica’s innovative journey, and the future of green transportation.