Screenshot from the NX CAM demonstration of the NX YouTube Premiere

Manufacturing EV car components with NX CAM [VIDEO]

In the recent NX YouTube Premiere, the new capabilities in NX software were introduced, ranging from design to manufacturing to…

What’s New in NX: Live YouTube Premiere!

The latest version of NX is getting special treatment this year. We’ll be hosting a YouTube Premiere for the new…

Perfecting Machining at Rolls-Royce Defense with NX CAM

Machining companies in today’s industry are constantly searching for new, innovative ways to reduce machining time and improve tool life….

Precise, Digital and Flexible – Simulation-based force compensation helps robots perform accurate milling jobs

Robotic Machining has always been limited by the achievable accuracies. Simulation of the machining process and calculation of the corresponding…

Virtual CNC Machining demonstration

Watch this short, impromptu, Virtual CNC Machining demonstration by Matthias Leinberger, Director, Business Development, Siemens Digital Industries Software, at Realize LIVE, June 2019.

Toolpath simulation software is the key to safer, shorter machine setups

In the October 25, 2018, story in, titled, “When it comes to simulation software, seeing is believing,” the authors gave software providers, including Siemens PLM, the oppor…

NX CAM diversifies and expands auto components business

Read our customer success story summary featuring Akevono Kohgyo.  Learn how they have improved machining efficiency ranging between 30 to 80 percent with NX CAM software.


Try out our new post processor online service – NX CAM Post Hub (beta version)

Authored by Florian Weisse, Siemens PLM Software
If you have worked with NX CAM software before, you probably have been looking for a post processor or a support kit for your new machine tool….

How to add right angle heads to your machines in NX CAM

Machine definition gets tricky when optional devices like right-angle heads change the kinematic structure of the machine. This Tech Tip shows you how to do it.

the example machin…