Join NX CAM customers and product experts at Realize LIVE 2024!

Realize LIVE 2024 is coming to Las Vegas, Nevada and Munich, Germany! This year’s conference features amazing learning sessions presented…

Engineering precision meets festive baking: machining a timeless keepsake cookie

Engineering precision meets festive baking: machining a timeless keepsake cookie [VIDEO]

Watch as Amy, a passionate manufacturing engineer, brings her brilliant talents to the shop floor. She uses her creativity and selects advanced CAM software to automate programming and effectively machine a batch of flawless cookie replicas – a forever gift for her loved ones. These ‘forever cookies’ are more than just a timeless keepsake, they’re engineered perfection.

Machining your Christmas tree this holiday season

Utilizing the power of NX CAM for NC programming, NX AM for 3D printing and SINUMERIK for CNC-machining, Mr. CNC takes you through the steps of modelling the design in NX, prototyping it on his new 3D printer, programming it in CAM, and finally, machining it on his Fryer mill.

The future of manufacturing on display at WESTEC 2023 [VIDEO]

What do you look for in a manufacturing trade show? When I go to one of these events, I look…

Siemens at WESTEC 2023

The WESTEC AeroDef 2023 Show – explore Siemens industry solutions for aerospace, part manufacturing, machine building sectors and more

Siemens took center stage at WESTEC AeroDef 2023, the leading California manufacturing technology trade show. Explore Siemens booth where we showcased our industry-leading solutions tailored for the aerospace and defense, part manufacturing, and machine building sectors. In the world of digital manufacturing, Siemens offers manufacturers the most advanced insights of how companies can optimize operations with digitalization.

5 steps to discover sustainable, EV component manufacturing at EMO 2023 in Hanover, Germany

EMO 2023 is here, and we are excited to be at this year’s event in Hanover, Germany! If you are with us onsite or joining through our digital platform, we look forward to sharing our solutions for digital transformation can help you meet your challenges today and into the future.

Siemens partner Sapience Techsystems teams up with DMG MORI and Wipro for CAD/CAM training

Siemens partner, Sapience Techsystems, hosted a successful 3-week-long NX CAD/CAM workshop in collaboration with machine tool OEM, DMG MORI, and WIPRO Enterprises. Learn more about how this training event helped Wipro Enterprises improve their efficiency in part design and manufacturing.


Unleashing CNC part manufacturing technology at DMG MORI Technology Days 2023 [VIDEO]

Siemens was center stage at the DMG MORI Technology Days 2023 for a hands-on demonstration. See how the complexities of programming and machining can be effortlessly intertwined, resulting in collision-free operations and optimized toolpaths using advanced capabilities in NX CAM.

DMG MORI Technology Days to showcase the latest CNC part manufacturing technologies

Join Siemens NX at the DMG MORI Technology Days in Charlotte, NC on June 20-21, 2023 as we program a challenging part on the latest DMG MORI DMC 100FD machine utilizing the latest and advanced capabilities of NX CAM. Participate in this event to gain expertise to increase your machine shop efficiency. Register now!