Engineering precision meets festive baking: machining a timeless keepsake cookie [VIDEO]

By Kelly Gallagher

As the holiday and New Year festivities come and go, the air stays filled with the warmth of traditions, festive gatherings, and, of course, delectable treats. Watch as Amy, a passionate manufacturing engineer, brings her brilliant talents to the shop floor. She uses her creativity and selects the advanced NX CAM software to automate programming and effectively machine a batch of flawless cookie replicas – a forever gift for her loved ones. These ‘forever cookies’ are more than just a timeless keepsake, they’re engineered perfection.

Drawing from her passion for precision, Amy decides to approach this holiday project through the lens of manufacturing high-precision components. Similar to crafting intricate parts, she aims to merge the perfect recipe with cutting-edge technology.

For a step-by-step look at Amy’s recipe, watch the video:

What’s the recipe for a flawlessly machined cookie using NX CAM?

  1. First, Amy begins by using the same recipe she used for our most recent job where she made complex, high-precision parts for a very demanding customer. It all starts with digital twin which holds the detailed design information along with the complete machining setup and cutting tools, which helps to create and validate the advanced machining process.
  2. Next, leveraging the advanced NX CAM software automated programming capabilities, Amy swiftly devises the machining plan. Using automated programming features, Amy can quickly create a high-performance machining process, including: 
    • Ultra-fast roughing that removes material at an amazing rate 
    • Finishing techniques that can follow the natural shape of the cookie 
    • An extensive collection of cutting strategies to make these special cookies unique   
  3. Lastly, the culmination of engineering expertise and a dash of festive ingenuity results in these machined cookies – enduring tokens that encapsulate the holiday spirit. It’s so easy when you use the right technology, like NX CAM, a key part of Siemens Xcelerator.

In this unconventional approach to holiday baking, the art of machining seamlessly intertwines with the joyous essence of the season. As an enthusiast of NX CAM and a connoisseur of machining, Amy has discovered a unique way to blend her engineering passion with the delight of crafting enduring memories during this special time of year.

Wishing you happy holidays and a prosperous new year from the Digital Manufacturing team at Siemens!

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