Realize LIVE: How GE Aerospace achieves seamless connectivity across the globe

Realize LIVE is a great opportunity to have meaningful conversations with the community of Siemens Software users across the globe. Catch Leah Kight from GE Aerospace in conversation with us about trends in the aerospace industry, modern connectivity solutions, and the advantages that GE Aerospace achieves using Siemens software. Watch the video to learn more!

Siemens NX CAM software powers precision in electric vehicle part manufacturing [article]

Check out the recent article published by the American Machinist, About collaborative innovation in automotive part manufacturing. It shows how NX CAM collaborate with industry partner and enhanced quality and productivity through integrated CMM inspection programming.

NX CAM ranked as #1 CAM software on G2

G2’s latest Spring report 2024 is here and NX CAM has been ranked as #1 CAM software. Check out the badges NX CAM earned and hear from the users directly about their favorite aspects of the product.

CMM Inspection of the steering knuckle utilizing PMI data attached to 3D digital model

EV component manufacturing – Part 5

In this post, we describe how CMM inspection was used during the steering knuckle manufacturing process to ensure its dimensional accuracy and adherence to quality standards. By automating inspection programming using PMI attached to solid models, the CMM system enabled efficient and precise measurement, guaranteeing that critical-to-quality tolerances were met, thus ensuring the steering knuckle’s reliability and performance in real-world conditions.

Join NX CAM customers and product experts at Realize LIVE 2024!

Realize LIVE 2024 is coming to Las Vegas, Nevada and Munich, Germany! This year’s conference features amazing learning sessions presented…

G2’s winter report: NX CAM as leading CAM software

G2’s latest winter report is out! NX CAM has been awarded new badges and maintains the top position on the G2 grid for the CAM software category. Explore G2’s evaluation of our featured capabilities and discover what our users have to say about the leading CAM software.

Siemens leads collaboration for advanced EV component manufacturing [article]

Siemens leads the charge in advancing EV component and part manufacturing. Through innovative software and automation integration, Siemens is reshaping the industry landscape. This initiative focuses on redesigning lightweight EV components, emphasizing Siemens’ cloud-based solutions and IoT-enabled technologies. Leveraging Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio and partner ecosystem, this effort showcases streamlined processes and seamless collaboration. Ready to uncover the secrets behind this transformative journey? Explore the blog for deeper

EV component manufacturing – Part 4

In this article, we focus on the CNC programming phase within a steering knuckle manufacturing project employing NX CAM. The discussion highlights the integration of digital twin technology, advanced CAM software, and the collaborative synergy between CAD designers and CAM programmers.

Engineering precision meets festive baking: machining a timeless keepsake cookie

Engineering precision meets festive baking: machining a timeless keepsake cookie [VIDEO]

Watch as Amy, a passionate manufacturing engineer, brings her brilliant talents to the shop floor. She uses her creativity and selects advanced CAM software to automate programming and effectively machine a batch of flawless cookie replicas – a forever gift for her loved ones. These ‘forever cookies’ are more than just a timeless keepsake, they’re engineered perfection.