EV component manufacturing – Part 4

In this article, we focus on the CNC programming phase within a steering knuckle manufacturing project employing NX CAM. The discussion highlights the integration of digital twin technology, advanced CAM software, and the collaborative synergy between CAD designers and CAM programmers.

EV component manufacturing – Part 3

The foundation of an efficient manufacturing process is always in the design. More and more companies are using additive manufacturing as their guiding blueprint, resulting in less material waste and optimizing cost savings for real production.

EV component manufacturing – Part 2

In a traditional production setting lacking a digital manufacturing infrastructure, tasks are typically carried out in isolated silos, leading to inefficiencies. This blog emphasizes the need for systematic management of iterations across the team. The adoption of a digital manufacturing infrastructure provides an efficient, error-preventing environment with immediate access to relevant data, design iterations, and real-time changes, offering the means to achieve agility and prevent operational errors.

Image of Siemens eRod digital manufacturing technology demonstrator vehicle

EV component manufacturing – part 1

In this series, we look at a practical application of the digital machine shop in the efficient development of high performance, low weight component parts that will be used on our Siemens e-Rod technology demonstrator.

NX CAD/CAM cloud-based trial: Join Amy, Steve and Curt for a guided tour

Join moldmaker Amy, machinery components job shop programmer Steve and aerospace contract manufacturer Curt on a journey through an NX CAM expert-led guided trial. With this 30 days free cloud-based trial uncover ways to ramp up your CAM programming productivity and reduce machining time as they introduce you to the latest machining operations and strategies in NX CAM.

The Digital Demo to Machining Better Parts

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Grob CNC Machine Tool Adaptive Machining.

Closed-loop Adaptive Machining using NX CAM

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Multi-axis deburring in NX CAM with real world examples

NX CAM’s Multi Axis Deburring

In the latest release of NX CAM (June 2021), a new operation subtype, Multi Axis Deburring, was introduced to help…

Getting Real: Shop Floor Connectivity

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