Manufacturing EV car components with NX CAM [VIDEO]

By Shannon Kruse

In the recent NX YouTube Premiere, the new capabilities in NX software were introduced, ranging from design to manufacturing to AI and cloud-based technologies. Experts from Siemens Digital Industries Software took us through the entire design to manufacturing process for a light-weight, next generation electric vehicle (EV) car component to highlight the integrated software’s new features.

In the video below, Joe Taylor, an applications engineer for NX CAM, demonstrated how to NC program the 3D printed EV car component using the NX manufacturing solution.

Manufactured EV car component in NX CAM
The manufactured EV car component from the NX YouTube Premiere.

The demonstration will cover how to use the data from design and the 3D printed component to create custom fixturing and toolpaths in NX CAM, as well as validate the NC programs – all with one software system.

Before reaching the machining stage, the part was created using the latest topology optimization technology then 3D printed with additive manufacturing. Final machining is done with NX CAM, with Joe also showing how to use feature-based machining (FBM) to automate the NC programming process.

Screenshot from the NX CAM demonstration of the NX YouTube Premiere
Screenshot from Joe Taylor’s NX Manufacturing demonstration in the NX YouTube Premiere.

An important part of the programming process is to make sure the NC code, that will be running on the machine on the shop floor, can be digitally validated. Accurate simulation of the machining process prevents any possible interferences in production, resulting in high quality toolpaths. To do that, Joe utilized the integrated machine tool simulation in NX CAM, allowing him to generate safe, collision-free multi-axis toolpaths to finish the EV car component.

Using Smart Machine Kit Solutions (SMKS), users can seamlessly download a working postprocessor, digital model of the machine with the kinematics, and the simulation driver to postprocess and simulate the NC code in NX CAM. SMKS are available on Post Hub, NX CAM’s cloud-based postprocessing solution hosting an extensive library of more than a thousand of postprocessors to meet the needs of your machine tools on the shop floor.

Check out the full demonstration from Joe on the manufacturing process for EV car components with NX CAM.

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