Smart Machine Kit Solutions and Post Hub: a new approach to cloud-based processors

By Shannon Kruse

Smart Machine Kit Solutions (SMKS) are production-ready machine tools and postprocessors for NX CAM –all cloud-based and all easily accessible. SMKS are often referred to as the digital twins of CNC machine tools. Each SMKS includes the accurate model of the machine with kinematics, postprocessor, and G-code-driven simulation, allowing you to generate production-ready NC programs for a wide range of CNC machines.

How to access Smart Machine Kit Solutions

Smart Machine Kit Solutions are available on Post Hub, NX CAM’s cloud-based postprocessing platform. Post Hub enables a streamlined process to generate production-ready CNC programs for your applications.

Smart Machine Kit Solutions in NX CAM Post Hub
A screenshot from NX CAM of the SMKS in Post Hub.

The extensive cloud-based postprocessor solution enables you to program a wide range of milling, turning and multi-function machines. The library includes more than 1,200 kits and postprocessors, with machine tools ranging from DMG MORI to Haas and Makino.

Each SMKS includes documentation for you to review the postprocessor before installing it. The additional information includes an overview document with kit name, manufacturing technology, axes, units, machine manufacturer, controller family, pricing, kinematic configuration, author, build date, supported NX CAM version, and a description.

Documentation of Smart Machine Kit Solutions in NX CAM Post Hub
The documentation details for SMKS in Post Hub.

Getting started in Post Hub

To launch Post Hub, click on the Post Process command and look for the Post Hub section in the dialog box of NX CAM. You can also access Post Hub’s online library by using an internet browser:

Dialog box for Smart Machine Kit Solutions in NX CAM Post Hub
The dialog box for Smart Machine Kit Solutions in NX CAM.

Smart Machine Kit Solutions licenses for different types of machining operations (such as 2.5-axis Turning and 3-axis Milling) are now available for purchase, enabling you to install the available kits from Post Hub. For example, having the SMKS 2.5-Axis Milling license allows you to download and install any 2.5-axis milling kit for different machine tools directly from NX CAM. In this case, you can install unlimited number of 2.5-axis milling SMKS from Post Hub.

As an additional benefit, you can also try any SMKS to a single operation without a license. With the new SMKS approach, NX CAM users gain additional flexibility to easily program a wide range of CNC machine tools.

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